Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chell (Portal)

Barefoot heroine Chell and her Companion Cube.

I'm not usually into PC games, which explains why I wasn't able to post an update with this babe before. Chell here is the heroine of the critically-acclaimed puzzle-shooter, Portal. A prisoner and test subject, Chell must navigate her way through a labyrinthine complex, her plight and progress continually aided/impeded by an A.I. named GLADOS. Chell's main weapon is of course the Portal Gun, which allows her to... well... create portals. But of course the more important thing for us foot fans is that Chell goes through the game shoeless, wearing only a pair of braces on her shins that allow her to leap great distances. I have to say though that while I love her design, Chell's execution leaves a bit to be desired... let's just say that even if you're not a foot guy, I think you'd prefer looking at her feet than her face.

Heh... well, anyway, this babe has been better portrayed by other artists, which you can find elsewhere online.

Chell's all about her bare feet and... those leg-thingies.

In any case, I think that Chell is a great design, even if you can't really appreciate her in the game since it's mainly played from a first-person perspective and Chell herself pretty much has no animation or expression to speak of (she doesn't even speak, as far as I know). Perhaps it's due to the ordeal she has gone through- perhaps a soothing foot massage and kisses on her feet would get her to open up and perhaps soften her features a bit. I dunno. Anyway, Chell's coming back in the sequel game, Portal 2, but I don't know if she's still barefoot in it. We'll see once more stuff is revealed.

Ico is off to give his new babe a foot massage... horny kid.


  1. Video game girls should be always barefoot!

  2. Sigh, in a perfect world they'd be... ^_^

  3. Definitely nice to see a barefoot female lead. I never heard of portal before. It looks like an interesting series.

  4. Chell's character model is based off a model/actress named Alésia Glidewell.

    Here's a production reference shot of her "in costume" and yup, barefooted.


  5. Thanks for that pic. Well, the original live model is a lot prettier than the in-game character, that's for sure...