Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foot-tastic Streetfighter Fan Art!

Here's a special treat for us foot fans- lovely artworks with angles that foot fans will surely love! The first is a cool artwork of the sexy Juri Han, looking a bit pensive (or bored?), and looking down at what surely must be a defeated victim. The artwork gives a lovely view of Miss Han's purple-tipped toes and strong-and-sexy bare foot. Awesome!

Wouldn't you want Juri's foot pressing on your face right now?

The second, and even more awesome art shows off karate kid Makoto, performing one of her most soleful moves- her Standing Fierce Kick- right at the viewer. In-game, this is almost always a side-view, but nicely this artwork shows us a royal view of Miss Rindou's sexy and deadly soles and toes headed right for our smiling faces! The artwork is from artist Marco Dimaano. You can find high-res versions of the artworks over at his Deviantart page.

Makoto's Standing Fierce Kick is surely the fave of every foot fan.

Here's to The Lone Gamer producing more hot fan art very soon! For now, enjoy these soleful treats! Later then!


  1. That's some great stuff right there! Instant watch from me!

  2. Wow...gorgeous artwork. Juri likes as hot and dominant as usual and Makoto is Sole is so in your face that you could almost smell them. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  3. Juriiiiii *__* <3<3<3

    At the beginning I was interested in SSFIV because of Makoto...since I am a traditional karateka I couldn't wait to play such a character.
    But as I noticed Juri's mean and beastly sexiness, I just fell in love *_*
    I love her wicked smile, her skinny and pale design, and of course her luscious toes :Q___