Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Console Inches Closer?

Will we be seeing this barefoot bikini cutie on our TVs someday?

As regular readers here on the blog probably know, I'm a HUGE fan of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Building on what started in the previous VF5 upgrade, VF5R (which added barefoot customization for all fighters), VF5FS gives us the ability to outfit the sexy VF ladies in skimpy swimwear, and of course the only thing better than a barefoot babe is a barefoot babe in a bikini. So far, while Sega has been given a petition for a home console version of VF5FS with significant numbers, there has been as yet no sign of progress aside from a reply of appreciation from the Sega devs. Well, that is, until now.

Apparently Sega has just recently registered the trademark Final Showdown for consoles. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that they have plans on releasing a game with the FS subtitle... could it be... VF5 Final Showdown? My hunch is, yes, goddamit.

Well, all we can do is keep our fingers (and toes) crossed as we await further news and confirmation of a console release. Whether it's on Xbox360 or PS3, I'm gonna be on a home version of VF5FS like a hotdog in a bun. Keep believing, footfans, I think our patience is going to be rewarded. The best barefoot babe games are yet to come!


  1. it should be announced next week at the Tokyo Game Show since they are having the super battle opera for virtua fighter 5 final showdown there too. Tokyo game show is gonna be september 16-19

  2. Here's a surprise for you Solekeeper :)

  3. O_O *Gets excited and crosses fingers* Really hope to get to play with barefoot Sarah one day.

  4. Hey, guys! I really believe that VF5FS is the hottest barefoot babe game we can get in the near future- you just can't beat barefoot bikini babes in combat. I'm really, really, really hoping next week or so gives us good news about a console version.

    FeetInTheClouds, yeah that's an awesome outfit! I'm actually hoping against hope that Sakura kicks off those sandals and fights barefoot... who knows, maybe it'll happen? Heheh...