Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles)

Alicia of Squad 7 is adorably cute in uniform. To see her out of it, check the vid below!

Lately I've really been getting into the strategy-RPG series Valkyria Chronicles (PS3, PSP). It's a pretty cool franchise, a kinda steampunk/alternate history European war where armies often have hot anime babes in their ranks. The poster girl and main heroine for VC is without a doubt the lovely and winsome Alicia Melchiott, the twin-ponytailed, rifle-bearing scout of Squad 7 in the Gallian Militia. Alicia's dedicated to several things- defending her tiny homeland from the oppressive Empire, her love for her (eventual) husband, Welkin Gunther, and baking really, really nice bread. Alicia fights a long and hard battle in the first game (and the matching anime) before she unlocks her mysterious past and earns her happy ending. Though she eventually marries that lucky lunk Welk, Alicia is surely a hot babe that anime and game otaku would surely want to hug and worship to no end for her fresh beauty, unyielding courage and wonderfully earnest personality. And, thanks to the cinematic below (from the PS3 game), we can add a hot bathing body to that too, along with some lovely, perfect feet!

Alicia in her bikini is sure to raise a lot of rifles out there.

Another wonderful piece of Valkyria art is this pic I found online, showing Welkin applying some field first aid to a blushing Alicia. How damn lucky is Welk to be able to strip off that boot and hold that perfect, soft leg and foot in his hands? He should surely give those smooth toes and soles a good kissing and licking along with the medicine, but then he might get a stomp on the face for that given Alicia's shyness... we wish. Anyway, enjoy the pic and the vid!

Welkin Gunther is indeed one lucky bastard...


  1. Wow...Alicia is really hot!! Awesome to see her barefoot. Yeah Welkin is really a lucky guy. ^_^