Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live-action Juri, Makoto and Ibuki (Streetfighter High: The Musical)

The live-action Makoto (Monique Kim) faces off with El Fuerte.

Now here's a cool treat for us Streetfighter-loving footfans! The makers of the funny Youtube Fan Flick Streetfighter High have released their sequel video- Streetfighter High: The Musical. As cringe-worthy that may be at first glance, if you give this well-produced indie production a chance, you'll be rewarded. It's a BIG improvement over the first Streetfighter High flick as it ups the production values (better costumes and casting) and adds more characters... including a LOT more babes- including our own favorites from Super Streetfighter IV! Thankfully, all three of the actresses playing Ibuki, Makoto and Juri are hot and play their shoeless videogame counterparts to the hilt! Top marks have to go to the sexy Jennifer Zhang who absolutely NAILS barefoot TKD witch Juri. Heheh.

Awesome sole shot. Can't wait to see this in fullscreen...

Anyway, after all the wacky SF comedy and all the singing and dancing, there's some really cool fight sequences with the barefoot SSFIV babes during the credits. I can't wait to see these clips in full-screen soon. For now though, enjoy this live-actin doujinshi!


  1. Wow...that's hilarious. Hot set of women portraying the female characters too.

  2. hey sole did you hear about VF5FS getting trademarked for console by sega?

  3. Yeah, I've heard about it, and I'm excited as heck. Hopefully this isn't any red herring but a real sign of VF5FS for consoles. Barefoot bikini VF babes... believe it!

  4. Will we be seeing this barefoot bikini cutie on our TVs someday?---

    Sure hope so!