Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarah and Aoi 'S' Outfit Pics (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Sarah's pose just screams 'get down on your knees and start kissing."

This week brings the Tokyo Game Show, and hopefully some news or confirmation on a possible console port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Really, this state-of-the-art brawler is THE barefoot babe game to get, with easily the silky-smoothest animation and hottest babes to ever show off their bikini bods and bare feet in all of gamedom. As mentioned earlier, there is a glimmer of hope that a home port is coming, care of Sega's trademarking of 'Final Showdown' for a console release. Maybe it will come sooner, maybe later. We just need to know it's coming, Sega!

Anyway, as if to tease us even more, Sega just released several screenshots of VF5FS, including two full-res pics of uber-hot blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant and Japanese aiki-jutsi mistress Aoi Umenokoji, dressed in their hot 'S' swimsuit outfits. As I've posted earlier, these swimsuits are actually just the starting point- players can mix and match pretty much any component of other outfits together in this 'S' slot, to make their own weird ensemble. Me, I'll keep just the swimsuit as is, really. Anyway, both ladies look sizzling- Sarah's looking amazing with her imposing height and never-ending legs that can deal out kicks faster than you can say 'uncle'... and who can say no to her incredible 'foot in your face' intro? Definitely Sarah is one babe who's always aiming her hot feet in our faces, and all I can say is, 'more, please!'

Aoi on the other hand may seem more understated, but this delicate-looking lady cannot be underestimated. She's definitely gorgeous and her skills in grappling and counters make her double-hot. That teasing sarong just never fails to catch my eye. Man, she's surely someone I'd love to roll around with on the arena floor, and I'm sure this dominatrix-in-disguise will love worshippers kissing and licking her alabaster-smooth and perfect soles and toes.

I'm praying and hoping with all my gamer thoughts that we are blessed with a home port of Final Showdown. This is all we need to be neck-deep in sexy barefoot babes till the next Tekkens and other hot games to come in the future. Keep believing, footfans! I'm keeping on this like a hawk. For now, enjoy the pics! You can find them in full resolution over here.

Aoi may look delicate and gentle, but she'll jam her foot in your face without a second thought... awesome.


  1. Woo hoo!! Awesome news...Virtua Fighter Girls in swimsuits = hottest of the hot!!

    Love the captions underneath both pictures. I would love to be involved in both those situations. :-D