Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wetsuit Elena Sole Shots! (Uncharted 2) UPDATED!

Uncharted 2's barefoot blonde knockout shows off her soles.

UPDATE: Added one more vid. I finally got myself a copy of Uncharted 2 as well as the 'Sidekicks' DLC that gives me, among other new multiplayer skins, the sexy Wetsuit Elena, who's the only barefoot babe in the game (too bad there's no Wetsuit Chloe). Easily she's worth the pittance it took (about $3) to purchase the added content from PSN, as you can see in the video below! Miss Fisher certainly looks hot, scrambling around in her skin-tight wetsuit and bare feet, but really, the only way to get the best view of her lovely bare feet is when Elena's lying prone on the ground, unconscious and out of it. Thus this vid (made with UC2's cool cinema mode), showing off the combative babe getting knocked out (well, killed, actually) in action, was done. While the main appeal of this ryona-ish vid is more for KO fans like me, any foot fan should appreciate the lush and close up views of Elena's soles and toes that result.

For a DLC skin, Wetsuit Elena is quite nicely rendered and worth every cent. Now, if ever I really get to have a better connection and raise my skills, maybe then Elena can start kicking butt instead of just getting her cute behind kicked all the time... oh well. At least she has, I'm sure, tons of foot fans willing to worship and give kisses and licks on her smooth soles anytime, which is more than any of the other characters can say! Anyway, enjoy the vid!

Elena's cold feet require some warm kisses from adoring footfans...

More Elena taking shots to show off her soles...


  1. Well, it's a shame what they have done, if you look closely the toes of Elena, you realize that are "painted" over her feet, the toes haven't been modeled one by one. This happens because the designers are too lazy. How pathetic..

  2. I think her feet are pretty well-detailed and modeled very nicely, at least a lot better than most games... and certainly better than most shooters.

  3. Wow really great closeups. Awesome...wetsuit Elena rocks!!

  4. I highly recommend you do more of this at all sorts of angles. It's pretty hot.

    A shame Bushido Blade didn't allow this.