Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lili and Alisa, Barefoot Adventurers! (Tekken 6)

Even if I'm really pining for a console version of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the most awesome barefoot babe game you can get right now is still Tekken 6. You've got a fleet of the hottest videogame babes ready to bare their soles for you and engage in sexy combat. Aside from the regular one-on-one arena fighting mode, Tekken 6 adds in Scenario Campaign, which lets you take your favorite fighters on a Final Fight-style romp through the Tekken world... even if it's a hostile world apparently totally full of enemies.

Anyway, here are a couple of vids with my favorite Tekken 6 barefoot babe, Lili Rochefort, rushing soft-soled into various enemy zones, laying waste with her killer feet. It's great to see Lili (and bonus barefoot babe partner Alisa Bosconovitch) outside the usual closed arena setting and taking on multiple foes. I have to say though that the one detail I really enjoy as well is the sexy sound of the babes' soft soles pattering on the floor as they cutely run through the stage... man, I have to applaud the devs for taking the effort. Anyway, enjoy the butt-kicking as only Lili and Alisa can dish it out!

Don't miss the awesome close-up sole shots of Alisa near the start of this vid! Close enough to lick 'em!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa break into a G-Corporation Research Facility. Commandos, Jack Robots and Cold Floors can't stop these hotties!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa take on Devil Jin and his demon hordes!

The barefoot babes invade the Heart of Darkness... Mishima Headquarters!

Time for Jin Kazama to feel the agony of The Feet! Lili's, to be exact! (Lucky bastard)

Betrayal! Alisa turns to the darkside, and worse, puts on boots! Lili will make her pay!

I'm readying a cool article with an awesome barefoot babe on offer- hopefully I can still make it in before Halloween or so. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy these vids.


  1. Awesome videos!! Barefoot Tekken girl overload!! Really love the captions as well :-D

  2. damn, im already busy dressing out those tekken girls as lot as i can, but the soles of alisa, right in front of the camera, were awesome. i paused them so long just to look at them. man, AMAZING what namco can do (thanx so much!)

  3. Whoa. This was absolutely amazing. Lili looks a bit like a demoness herself with those black wings on her back, and boy, are those two girls sexy.