Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Heroine in Malicious (PS3)

Control this kick-ass, magical cape-wearing spirit warrior babe with the cute toes.

Coming later this year is Malicious, a downloadable action game for the Playstation 3. This game basically is all about the battles of a spirit warrior sent to defeat evil forces in some magical/technological setting. Nicely enough, you'll be able to choose the gender of your kick-ass protagonist, characterized by their magical shapechanging battle-cape, transparent pantaloons and nicely-exposed toes. Of course, us foot fans will be choosing to go with the fetching female version- I mean, if you're gonna stare at someone's butt and heels all day, I think we'll prefer it from a babe, right?

The heroine's toe-exposing leggings remind me of V-13 from Blazblue, which is neat... and she floats and kicks ass with magic as well. Perhaps they're related? Probably not, but surely they have cute toes us foot fans will obviously want to worship, kiss and lick to distraction (or destruction? Heh...).

Anyway, little is known as yet of this title in development, or if we'll be given lots of opportunity to ogle our in-game babe's feet. I'll be keeping an eye on this then.

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  1. Wow she looks female leads are awesome. ^_^