Thursday, October 28, 2010

Even More Malicious! (PS3)

Malicious' female heroine showing some costume malfunctions.

I've posted earlier this month about Malicious, the downloadable fantasy action game on PS3, which features a spirit hero whom you can also get in female form, who features nicely exposed toes. Well, apparently as you incur damage along the way, you lose clothing as well, as seen in the pic above. This of course should lead to nicer views of the spirit heroine's lovely legs and feet, something that is always a pleasure. There's a bit of a wrinkle though- as you take damage, you also lose body parts... as in, your body starts fading away, sadly starting from the feet (it's game over once you lose half your bod). Luckily as far as I can tell you can heal yourself (restoring your lost leggies) but your clothing remains torn (yeah).

Interesting. Anyway, here are a couple more pics of the lovely heroine, taking a little break from the action via turning her mystical cape-thingie into a chair (How convenient!).


Looks like someone can use cheering up... how about a nice, soothing foot massage?

Best of all, I found a 9-minute gameplay vid which shows off the lovely Spirit Heroine in action, including the clothing damage mechanic which exposes her feet and legs as the battle wears on. As an added bonus, the fight is with a hot female femme fatale boss- who sadly isn't barefoot but shows a bit of flesh on her feet. The vid shows off the whole level battle to it's conclusion, so check it out for some magical barefoot babe butt-kicking action!

Currently, Malicious is only available as a DLC game on the Japanese store. It's a bit too much trouble for me to get this 800 Yen title- I'll wait for an english/US release. Looks quite cool. For now, enjoy the vid!

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