Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barefoot Babe Reunion: Ibuki and Makoto CONFIRMED in SSFIV!

Makoto and Ibuki in 3D, FINALLY!

Let footfans rejoice! Super Streetfighter IV is now officially the successor to the awesome Streetfighter III: Third Strike as the foot-fan favorite in the SF franchise. The latest issue of Famitsu has finally confirmed the inclusion of barefoot ninja babe Ibuki and barefoot karateka Makoto in SSFIV. These two join Taekwondo mistress Juri in the latest game in the long-running Capcom fighter franchise.

This is damn awesome. Juri had already sold this game to me, but the inclusion of Ibuki and Makoto have pushed SSFIV to MUST HAVE levels for us barefoot fans. I'm particularly happy with Makoto's inclusion as, unlike Juri and Ibuki, she's totally barefoot without any instep guards or bandages in the way of her sexy-deadly soles. So far it looks like both of them look exactly like they did in SF3, only now in 3D. I also see lots of their attacks are back, but I hope they've been updated properly for the game now. Particularly I hope that they changed how Makoto ALWAYS falls face-down when she's knocked out or knocked down. Regardless though, I am just ecstatic right now. Fans of BIG bare feet should LOVE these two. Heheh...

I can't wait for more videos and trailers to come!!! This is awesome!!! More on this as I get stuff.
On a sidenote, sad to say I've seen a pic of Juri's alternate outfit, and she's wearing shoes in it. Hopefully she is barefoot in her other alternate.


  1. Well, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Ibuki & Makoto were among some of my faves in Third Strike, I'm really happy at their inclusion and I truly LOVE their GIGANTIC feet. I wish Ibuki & Juri through away that stupid instep and would go totally barefoot like Makoto does.


  3. i think juri's 3rd outfit is a karate outfit like makoto's. i hope its barefoot though.

  4. Awesomesauce. :D You have made my day with this. I can truly say that I will love this game now. Makoto, you have come back to us! :) And Ibuki too, of course. I LOVE KARATE GIS! If Juri is wearing a Karate Gi in it and is barefoot, I might just flip. XD Or better yet, maybe Ibuki will get a total barefoot outfit? :)

  5. Makoto, Ibuki & Dudley trailer up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r21_UoagncQ&feature=related


    Man they're really going all out with this one. Let there be feet!

  7. YES, Let there be FEET indeed!

    If you haven't already, check out the new vids in the latest post. Karate and Ninja Girl Feet All Over the Place!!! SSFIV is gonna be awesome!!!

  8. In terms of alternate outfits, one of Juri's alts has been shown, and sadly she's wearing shoes. Since characters supposedly have at least two alts, there's still hope.
    Makoto has been seen in one pic wearing a farmer outfit (denim overalls, straw hat behind her), but it didn't show her whole body. Hopefully she's barefoot in it (and maybe in cut-off shorts?). Should be interesting to see what Ibuki's alts are...