Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Makoto and Ibuki Gameplay Videos (Super Streetfighter IV)

If you thought yesterday's update was awesome...

Ibuki and Don, ready for battle!

Ibuki looks lovelier than ever in 3D.

FINALLY, we got the barefoot babes of Streetfighter III in 3D form! What can I say? The devs have scored and batted it out of the park! In my opinion, both Ibuki and Makoto made the transition from 2-D sprites to 3D models perfectly. Ibuki's cool costume, her pixie-like cuteness and her flowing hair are irresistible. On her end, Makoto's spunky tomboyish appeal is perfectly captured. Of course, the best part is- their feet are big and beautifully detailed and animated... and thanks to the dynamic camera we can be sure to have TONS of wonderful view of their hot, kick-ass soles and toes throughout the matches. AWESOME!!!

The SF3 Fighters make their long-awaited debut!

For those not liking the english voices, here's the Japanese version of the new trailer!

I am so overjoyed at Makoto in particular, who looks to be my fave in the game. Yeah, Juri and Ibuki are awesome as well and undeniably hot, but Makoto is the one babe in the game who is truly barefoot without any instep guards or bandages like the other girls, and that just sets her apart so as the best. Also, I noted that YES, Makoto finally now has a knockdown pose where she's facing UP, unlike in the 2D Third Strike. I just hope that in the final game they change how she has one arm kinda covering her face. It's just a little nitpick though... I'm happy regardless.

Makoto's ready to choke the competition into submission.

Makoto's rival is Feilong... lucky dude.

Barefoot babes Ibuki and Makoto finally clash in 3D!

Ibuki shows her new rival Sakura her Ultra...

Makoto's Ultra is particularly brutal... and awesome.

Super Streetfighter IV is out on April 28 for PS3 and Xbox360. For now, enjoy the vids and dream of martial arts girls' feet flying at your faces.


  1. Wow awesome clips and promotional artwork!! I'm really looking forward to this game very much. ^_^ Awesome post Sole Keeper.

    Also for the recent poll...Juri hands down!! Go barefoot Tae Kwon Do hottie. ^_^

  2. cool! makoto is awesome!

    and ibuki is like really quick!

    by the way you should really check out rumble fighter. its really good!

    nice makoto pics. and i hope makoto is barefoot in the other alts.

  3. I can't express enough how much I love this game. I will be playing Makoto so much that I'll probably break my XBOX! LOL!
    I look forward to they're alternate outfits too. Wouldn't it be awesome if Makoto gets a nice outfit to show off her girly look? She hates being called a boy after all.
    Give her an outfit where she is Barefoot, AND it shows that she is a girl. I'd settle for sandals too. :)
    I also want to see her ultra combo. Ibuki's was really cool. I hope Makoto does an awesome combo finish with hers. :)

  4. Regarding Makoto's alternate outfit, the SSFIV Dev blog showed off a glimpse of it- basically it looks like 'Makoto the Farmer's Daughter', and has her in denim overalls with a straw hat (behind her, not on her head) and what appears to be gloves on her hands. Her whole body wasn't shown, so it's unknown as yet if she's in shorts or pants, or if she's barefoot or wearing shoes. I guess it still plays on her tomboyish image rather than deviates from it. I'm hoping she's barefoot, and shows off a bit more leg. We'll just have to wait and see though.

    Regardless, in my view Makoto's the hottest of the three SSFIV barefoot babes- partly because I find karateka girls so hot, and since she's the one who's really barefoot in the bunch. Ibuki and Juri are a close second though... ^_^

  5. Yeah, I am just SO PSYCHED for this game! I really hope Ibuki and Makoto are barefoot in their alts. If there IS a PC version, you can pretty much guarantee they'll be a mods even simple things like removing Juri and Ibuki's irritating in-step guards.

  6. Added Ibuki and Makoto's Ultra videos in the article...

  7. Wow what a feast for the eyes! Mucho thanks Sole Keeper! :D

  8. I have no issues on Ibuki but Makoto looks more like a boy than ever... well she's always looked like a boy but this one goes a bit too far.