Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fighting Feet (February Poll Results)

It's a new month, and our February Poll starring the girls of Super Streetfighter IV is done! SSFIV has not one, not two but THREE barefoot hotties to please us foot fans. In third place with 24 percent of the votes is Makoto the Karate Kid! As the one babe in the game who is truly barefoot, she has a special place in my heart, and so was the one I gave my vote to. She also fulfills my preference for martial arts babes in gis, which is a special interest all its own. However, I do recognize that Makoto's tomboyish looks along with her big. tough-looking fighter's feet may not be for everyone's tastes, so it's not a surprise she came in third. Still, she's my firm favorite in the game and I can't wait to kick ass with her formidable soles!

This pic just encapsulates what I love about Makoto and her big, beautiful karate feet. Kudos to Capcom's devs for giving her soles and toes such detail and expression in every kick!

Ibuki the mega-popular ninja cutie comes in second with 34 percent of the votes. She was my fave before in SF3, the lovable kunoichi who's covered up everywhere save her best and sexiest parts- her titillating soles and toes, of course- making her an easy foot fan's favorite. Though her feet are surely toughened by training as a ninja's would be, I'd like to think they're still pretty and feminine, since you can probably consider her a bit of a ninja princess. Her many acrobatic techniques in the game nicely show off her agile toes and soles in a variety of sexy angles and movements which are sure to be a treat to watch in action.

The fastest, cutest and deadliest feet in the game? Ibuki's so quick you'll have to be quicker to find views of her ninja toes and soles... but they're sure to be worth it.

Finally, the winner of the poll with fully 40 percent of the votes, is newcomer Juri Han! The central character of SSFIV, though clearly not the protagonist, Juri is sure to make a mark in the SF mythos- and that mark is a big, bare footprint. Juri's TKD style means that most of the time she's throwing her sexy feet at her opponents' faces, and nicely enough Capcom has animated her talented toes and soles with great detail, something you can see in her many sexy kicks and attacks. This super-powered femme fatale's feet are surely tantalizingly beautiful as well as deadly- no doubt flawlessly maintained by S.I.N's evil technology to appear smooth, soft and kissable from heel to instep to toes... all the better to distract and tempt her victims even as she crushes them beneath her heels. And of course, that eye-catching purple nail polish... irresistible. Exotic good looks and bad girl appeal...It's no wonder that Juri won the poll far and away.

Beauty, bad girl sex appeal and purple toenails... the leggy Juri is poised to take over as SF's new barefoot dominatrix!

That said, all of the barefoot babes of SSFIV are awesome, and the best thing is we can all enjoy each one as we wish in just a couple of months. For now, let's hope for more videos and pics of these girls in action and dream of martial arts feet aplenty in April.


  1. Woohoo Juri for the epic win! =D

  2. Intense poll and entry. Just thinking of all three girls together in the same!!

  3. maaaaan I was hoping Makoto would win. She was winning before I went on a small vacation. :( Oh well, I'll just have to school my competitors to prove that shes much better then the other two! Cool results, thanks for posting this!

    - M.