Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cammy's Soles (Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED!

Here's a special edit of TheCesar's Cammy clips, all together into one sexy Cammy Sole-fest!

The Barefoot Streetfighter Babe Craze continues! Fellow Footfan and Youtuber TheFutureCesar2011 has just uploaded a bunch of short but oh, so sweet vids with the gorgeous Cammy in Streetfighter IV PC wearing her sexy Escape from Shadaloo mod costume. I have to say- MAN, seeing Cammy barefoot in this outfit is one of the most awesome things I've seen all year. Perhaps it's simply because I've been dreaming of seeing this Delta Red Damsel's naked feet for so long. Now, footfans needn't use their imagination anymore- they just need to watch these hot vids to see Cammy's powerful and pretty bare soles and toes in action.

Cammy the Gymnast? This should be a Default Outfit!!!

Two Barefoot Babes in this one as Cammy performs her Sexy Ultra on Makoto. Great Sole Shots Ensue!

El Fuerte's Ultra does a great job of putting Cammy to sleep- and giving us amazing views.

More soles shots and views from Cammy care of the ruffian, Cody.

Cammy's Victory Screen shows off her Body and Soles perfectly.

Absolutely Awesome View of Cammy's lovely soles in this Game Over segment.

I'm hoping that TheFutureCesar uploads a LOT more vids of Cammy. For now,enjoy the goodies he has- and dream of sweaty, sweet commando cutie feet. Yummy!


  1. Wow...*snaps out of foot-love induced trance* I'm a loss for words on just how awesome this is. This is literally a dream come true for me in so many ways. I really hope all of this foot-love spreads to the rest of the female SF cast soon =).

  2. Wow Cammy barefoot awesomeness overload. I really need a cold shower after viewing this post and watching these videos. Cammy is my favorite Street Fighter girl so I really love these posts a lot. Thank you so much for posting her Sole Keeper.

  3. Still think her feet are too big for her build but it's still good. :)

  4. The modder has released a revised skin that has smaller feet, but I guess this vid uses the original version. I have to say though, I kinda like it. ^___^

  5. Guess what? Rose is next!! I checked out the site again. Her feet are a lot smaller. Also cool videos man. Liked every one.

  6. Wow, not noticed this update, I as too distracted by Sakura and Rose! Lovely! And..well, you know what I think about big feet1 :D