Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elena New Artwork (Streetfighter III 3rd Srike Online)

Elena's as long, lovely and leggy as usual.

And to complete the SF3 Third Strike artwork set, here's the new portrait art for Elena by artist Stanley Lau AKA Artgerm. Once again, he strikes it out of the park with this sensational work that really shows off the African princess's agility and limber physique. Oh, and lovely legs and feet as well! Man, if there was any justice in the world, we'd see Elena someday in another SF game, whether be as another DLC fighter for Super Streetfighter IV or as one of the challengers in the upcoming Streetfighter X Tekken. I'm sure footfans the world over are aching to see her Capoeira skills and lethal legs back in action. Let's cross our fingers that this beautiful kickfighter dances her way back to the limelight soon. For now, enjoy the artworks! You can find a much larger version of it, plus all the released SF3SOL artworks so far released over here.


  1. Wow...that artwork is insanely awesome. :-D Love the detail right down to Elena's polished toenails. Awesome post Sole Keeper. :-D

  2. I´m pretty sure, they will put Elena at least in Tekken X Street Fighter, cause of Eddy or Christie!

    That would be a awesome battle: Christie vs. Elena!

  3. WOW! The depiction truly respond to my expectations! Argerm really nailed her and those feet, those polished toenails...Not to talk about the insanely big art at the link you mentioned, to enjoy every detail of her! GREAT post, thanks!

  4. I agree, Cesar2007, will you be returning to Youtube since those copyright jerks shut you down?