Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hitman Absolution E3 Trailer

It's E3 time, and that means TONS of awesome games coming in the near future being shown off in cool trailers. Well, most are so-so, but every so often a nice gem for us foot fans appears, at least for a trailer. One such thing is this trailer for Hitman: Absolution, a CG cinematic spot which contains a lovely, intimate sole shot- perhaps one of the closest close-ups you'll see.

Agent 47's on the search for some... soles.

It's pretty brief but really nice, and sadly it cuts away before we see any toes, but the nice, fleshy, perfect CG sole is divine- you can almost smell/touch/taste it! Heheh... a short but sweet update. Who knows... maybe there will be barefoot babes in the actual game (let's hope so). Hopefully we'll see more sexy gaming feet soon. For now, enjoy the vid!


  1. This is not the best place to post this, but I do not see a way to reach you (email or something, perhaps I missed it) so here goes:

    With SF4 AE coming out, be on the lookout for Yun performing his Ultra 1 on Juri, Ibuki and Makoto. One of the best Sole close ups in the game.
    I think that an extended 'SF girls get hit by ultra' vids would be great material. There are a few in Youtube, particularly Zangief doing it.
    I love your blog, if that was not made obvious.

  2. Wow...CG soles have gotten massively realistic. If I had seen that part of the clip alone...I wouldn't have been able to tell them from the real thing. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  3. Thanks, KSC! The sole shot here was awesome indeed. I wish it was longer... like the whole trailer. Hahaha! ^__^

    Anonymous: I plan on getting SSFIV AE when it becomes available (on disc). I'll take your word for it and check out Yun's Ultra 1 when it comes out. I know that I've been remiss in posting a lot of SSFIV vids, particularly Ultras that give good sole shots, but this is probably because so few give such videos ratings which makes me think that they're unpopular. Still, I'll keep posting them every now and then regardless. Thanks for the input! Please keep supporting us here and at YT. ^___^