Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hitomi, Bikini Karate Babe! (Dead or Alive Ultimate)

And you thought that Hitomi was hot in her Gi?

Following up on the previous article featuring the gorgeous karateka Hitomi from Dead or Alive Ultimate laying waste to opponents while barefoot and dressed in her trademark Karate Uniform, here's the lovely German-Japanese teen kicking ass while wearing a teeny-weeny red and white polka dot bikini! Hitomi truly is special in DOAU, since while the other babes also have swimsuit outfits, ONLY Hitomi has one where she is barefoot (perhaps because she's a hardcore karate kid!). This makes Hitomi the Barefoot Bikini Karate Goddess of Dead or Alive, and surely THE favorite of foot fans in the series.

You have to really applaud Hitomi for her being hardcore enough to fight the world's deadliest fighters in just her bikini. But I guess this also works to her advantage- surely the male fighters will be a bit distracted fighting an opponent of such hotness (of course, this wouldn't be an advantage against the other babes). I know I'd probably be staring open-mouthed even as she thrusts her bare, sexy soles at me. It would surely hurt, but man... maybe it would be worth it to be close to such perfection. Heheh...

Though DOAU's a bit dated now, Hitomi in her bikini is still a vision, and I just can't get enough of her kick-ass sexiness in action- she's surely hotter here than in even the skimpiest floss-suits in DOAX or DOAX2. Hitomi is at her most beautiful and sexy when she's kicking those legs and feet at an opponent, fighting and leaping and just kicking righteous ass as she shows off her own. Once again I am so happy that I have DOAU in my gaming library- certainly a Must Have for every foot-loving gamer thanks to this barefoot karate princess. Enjoy the vids, and let this brawling bikini goddess kick well into your dreams.


  1. Woo hoo!! Swimsuits rule. ^_^ Great set of videos Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Hells yeah! But now, there's a new project for you to work on in upcoming months. Capcom and Namco just announced that the latest "Capcom Versus" game is Tekken vs. Street Fighter. It's actually two separate games, "Tekken X Street Fighter"(which is made by Namco and plays like a Tekken game) and "Street Fighter X Tekken", which is made by Capcom and plays like a Street Fighter. Here's to hoping for some Tekken 6-esque Character Creation modes for TXSF, get the Street Fighter ladies' feet as lovely as their Tekken counterparts.

  3. In terms of customization, we can count on Tekken X Streetfighter for that, since it's going to be made by the Tekken team. Unfortunately, it's not due out for a couple of years, since the devs are still busy now with Tekken Tag 2 and the gobs of stuff they just announced at E3.

    As for Streetfighter X Tekken (by Capcom), this will be out sooner- sometime next year, but I don't see this having in-depth customization other than alternate costumes. What I'm hoping for this one is that they will include babes who are barefoot by default, such as Asuka (P1), Christie, Ibuki, Makoto and Juri. Still, it's something to look forward to.

    As you said, there won't be a shortage of possible barefoot babe games in the next few years, so stay tuned here on Virtual Soles! Hehehe...