Friday, June 17, 2011

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: Barefoot Knockouts

Fan service-filled fighting at its best.

Here's a mega-treat for barefoot KO and ryona fans. Earlier this week I found a treasure of a video on Nico Nico Douga: a Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown ryona video with several of the hotter-than-hot babes being given the tender mercies of grapplers Goh Hinogami and Wolf Hawkfield. As we can expect from VF5FS, the graphics, animations and costumes of the babes are fan service perfection and the VF babes' soles and feet- utterly and kissably awesome. The only caveats are the fact that some parts of the vid were in lower-res than others. That aside, this ryona is perfect for those who like KOs and hot views aplenty, so let's get on with it!

First off are vids with the lovely and reserved Aoi Umenokoji, VF5's resident Aikido mistress and my sentimental VF favorite since she was the only babe in the roster who bared her feet for us in the home versions of VF5. Aoi has two videos (sadly in not-so-high quality) with Judo grappler Goh showing her some hard massage techniques. She's wearing colorful kimono tops but sans any bottoms, allowing us great views aplenty of her silky undies- which only makes views of perfect, alabaster-smooth legs and utterly luscious soles and toes all the more sizzling. I'm sure footfans would jump to give Aoi all the proper worship on her sleeping feet after Goh leaves her unconscious afterwards. Enjoy!

Skimpy kimono tops make for amazing views...

This second session will surely leave Aoi napping into the night. Be sure to give her soles the kisses they deserve.

Next up is blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant, dressed in a bikini top and one of her peeky, might-as-well-not-be-there-at-all skirts. I would have actually preferred Sarah be in her super-hot kimonos (again, open to such awesome views with every high kick), but hey, Sarah would be hot dressed in a sack. Once again, Goh gives her the runaround, leading to awesome views of panties, soles and KOs. Be sure to kiss and worship this blonde goddess's feet afterwards as she snoozes.

Sarah's soles (and more) are laid bare... Luscious!

Next up is the uber-cute urchin, Eileen. Despite being the youngest in the roster, this kung fu cutie has some of the sexiest outfits in the game, and jaws surely drop regularly when she shows up in combat barefoot in her frilly bikinis or just basically her underwear, which a lot of Japanese players often have her. In the first vid that's basically the way it goes, with a tanned Eileen in a bikini top and skirt, Goh's moves drawing out some hot views once again. One can imagine how cute and tender this lovely lass's soles are. Check them out once Goh vacates the ring...

Be gentle Goh!

Next up are the best of the bunch- these last two vids are of better quality than the rest, so you can enjoy these vids in high quality. The first is Eileen again, albeit dressed in hair and costume that makes her look like a barefoot Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid Idol. Wolf's grapples and throws are some of the best and sexiest in the game, showing off awesome views. Also included are some sexy KO animations with Eileen sexily dropping into unconsciousness and leaving her perfect, petite feet open to worship. Get kissing those soles and toes then!

Sole shots and KOs aplenty from Eileen/Hatsune Miku!

And finally, I've saved the best for last. The utterly stunning Pai Chan, dressed in a skimpy, silky dress that leaves little to the imagination with some amazing upskirt views. But of course, the best part about Pai are her amazing legs and perfect feet- which Wolf shows off wonderfully with his various throws. This lovely action star's slim, trim physique pleases me to no end, and I think she's got amazing feet and soles. Also in the vid are several sexy KO animations that leave Pai beautifully unconscious, a perfect sleeping beauty. Man, watching this vid, I can totally say I can spend a whole day just sitting with Pai's sleeping feet in my hands, kissing, licking and sucking away on every toe and every inch of those soles and heels. I can eat Pai all day! Heheh...

Sexy upskirt shots, panties, legs and soles... Pai Perfection!

And that's it! This is so far the best I've seen from VF5FS, and sadly stupid Sega still hasn't seen fit to give us this awesome game on consoles. We can only hope that if and when we see another Virtua Fighter for home systems, it'll have the customizations and costumes that can give us foot fans the fan service we love. With the quality of the vids above, it's something to pine and hope for in the future. For now though, enjoy these vids. Happy viewing!


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  2. Hey Sole,I've got another cool thing to show you. It's another game idea that you'll love.

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  3. Heya, Sole Keeper. Not sure where to message you so I figured I'd say this here and hopefully you'll read it. Partway through the second chapter of Alice: Madness Returns, in the underwater world, she begins wearing this dress, and I believe after you've beaten the chapter/game, you get the ability to select it as an outfit in any chapter you please.

    Thought you'd like to know!

  4. Anonymous: Thanks! I am thinking of getting Alice, or at least posting about it here soon. ^__^

  5. Awesome. ^_^ 4 sets of Virtua fighter girls soles are really hotness overload. I could really watch their feet all day long. ^_^