Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alice (Alice: Madness Returns)

Alice is truly a refreshing sight, barefoot in her 'Siren' dress.

Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to the classic American McGee's Alice reunites us with the heroine of Wonderland, albeit more than a decade later with Alice apparently barely hanging onto sanity. But heck, that only means she's more mature and beautiful than ever in her oddball way... but nicely now she can appeal to footfans by donning a couple of special dresses. The Siren dress is a wonderfully whimsical number composed of sea creatures and elements, made of course perfect by Alice's own slim ankles, smooth bare soles and pearly-tipped toes. For the more gothic and gore-inclined, there's the somewhat macabre Fleshmaiden dress, which is basically a hunk of bloody meat, teeth and sinew slathered dress-like on Alice's slender bod. I'm not really the sort to like bloodstained feet, but hey, some may.

The Siren is unlocked by finishing Chapter Two of the game, and supposedly can be used thereafter in any stage (and I presume will show up in the game's real-time cutscenes). Since there is a stage where Alice can become a giant and stomp on some miniature enemies- having her do so while barefoot would be a BIG treat for GTS fans!

As far as I can tell, the Fleshmaiden is DLC, but I'm not sure if it's paid or free. In any case, I think the sea-themed dress is the better outfit, with Alice's feet clean and blood-free. All the better to kiss and worship those petite toes and soles, I think.

Gory but strangely gorgeous, if you like your bare feet bloody.

While the game generally has nice views of Alice as she pads about battling twisted beings in Wonderland, I have to say I'm kinda disappointed that she apparently explodes into a cloud of butterflies or other wispy fragments when she dies, which robs us of a good KO animation. Still, I think Alice is quite fetching to watch, running barefoot in her cool dresses, so footfans liking this lovely lunatic (I have to say, the accent is irresistible) may want to check this newly-released game out. If and when I get my own copy of the game, I may post more vids of Alice in barefoot action. For now though, you can check out some nice FOOTage below. Enjoy!

Sea, sand and soles. Perfect!


  1. I can`t wait to play as barefoot Alice in any chapter to see the cutscenes with good Alice`s feet angles. The scene when giant Alice crushes a few card-soldiers with her foot is going to be the best!! I like both costumes, the bloody feet are kinda sexy too, but the siren costume is the best. Since I played the original game back in the 2000, I always wanted to see Alice barefoot, it looks like some designer of the company has foot fetish too. This is gonna be great!! I can`t wait to get my own copy of the game for the PS3! I hope you will post more pics and videos of sexy Alice`s Feet soon ;)

  2. Wow this game looks really cool. Both alternate costumes are great. (Alice even looks hot even in the flesh. ;-D) The details of her bare feet are perfect. I definitely want to check the game out. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  3. Thanks. I haven't been able to score a copy of the game yet, but I'll try again in a bit. This title certainly looks intriguing, so expect more updates from this eventually. ^_^

  4. Wanted to play the first game due to its crazyness but he second one add the feet flavor! Gonna scorea copy of the game for sure! Nice find, thanks!

  5. Yo, Keeper man! Got a nice suggestion and find for you. It's from an anime instead of a video game, but I've seen you make some exceptions in the past. ;-)

    Look for a character named Fubuki Kai, from La Blue Girl. She's a completely barefoot ninja (no "instep bandages" or "foot gloves" or anything). Also helps that she's really hot. Totally up your alley.

  6. I have a little surprise for you, guys:


    Here you are, a nice pic of Alice`s feet, made by myself. Alice`s Feet are so slender and sexy, with large toes and smooth soles, the best costume of the game.

  7. I have taken two more pics, now with the antialiasing On:



    The pics are a little bit blurry because the underwater distortion screen effect.
    Alice has niiiice soles, perfect to crush some card-soldiers, he he he...

  8. Anonymous1: Yeah, I'm familiar with Fubuki Kai from L.A. Blue Girl- in fact, she's one of my favorite all-time barefoot anime babes. L.A. Blue Girl is a pretty old anime, and actually it's hentai, so it's kinda hard to post stuff from it without danger of getting it flagged. Maybe I can post at least screencaps in an article someday. Anyway, Fubuki's indeed awesomely hot, and she's actually totally barefoot (her bandages are around her shins, not around her instep like SF3's Ibuki) which is perfect.

    Anoymous2: NICE pics, man! I already got my copy of the game, and I'm looking forward to unlocking the barefoot outfits. Hoping that I'm indeed allowed to stomp soldiers for some nice barefoot GTS action. ^___^

  9. (I`m the anonymous 2, the one who posted Alice`s feet pics)

    You are welcome, friend.

    I hope to see posted here some fabulous pics of Alice from your game very soon. I`m sure you will enjoy a lot the Siren costume, it is impossible not to stop and stay a few minutes staring at those naked and sexy feet.

    Keep up the good work on this Blog!! I love the girls soles, and the videogames too. And I like this site a lot, because you know how to take the best soles photos of all. Virtual soles forever!!

  10. I completely forgot to ask: For what system you purchased your copy of the game?

    My pictures were taken from PC version, with a screen resolution 1280X960. It Would be better, but the underwater level is so dark that I couldn`t take better pics.

  11. I'm a console player, on PS3. Sadly that may mean I won't be able to manipulate the camera views like on PC. Anyways, I'll still try my best to take some good vids. ^___^

  12. I don't care for the blood looking one, I must prefer the sea maiden outfit. I really don't get blood cover feet, not hot at all in my opinion, now mud cover is a bit more exotic for me.

  13. Hi!!
    This a video is taken for me, sorry for the poor quality.
    This scene is shown in the Chapter 4...
    Alice have a beautifull feet!!
    Sorry for my english...