Friday, July 30, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Swimsuit Models!

Pai's 'S' outfit is this suitably cute bikini.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has been generally released in Japanese arcades! What does that mean to us gaijin? Well, at least it's one step closer to a possible console announcement! The sooner this game has earned its keep for Sega in the arcades, the sooner they can give us home players the time of day. Anyway, at least now this means that there should be more VF5FS videos coming online for us to watch, with bikini-clad babes duking it out for our pleasure. The release of FS in arcades also comes with the official game site coming up online and some sexy pics being made available- such as these two nice images of Pai Chan and Vanessa Lewis looking amazing, barefoot and bikini-clad.

Everyone keep hoping and praying that we are blessed soon with VF5FS n console, so we can have the barefoot bikini babes of VF on our consoles in the near future! Keep the faith!

Vanessa's 'S' bikini nicely shows off her impressive assets.

By the way, as hot as Pai and Vanessa are, apparently they don't hold a candle to Eileen! Last month's poll on Hottest Bikini Babe in VF5 Final Showdown surprisingly came up with the monkey-style sweetheart as the overall winner, beating out all the other hotties with her cute moves and underaged loveliness. I voted for Sarah myself, so at least the blonde bombshell came in second. Anyway, the footfans have spoken! Onward then to more babes, more games and more feet! Heh...


  1. Wow...awesome Virtua Fighter Bikini pictures Sole Keeper. O_O Both Pai and Vanessa look absolutely gorgeous. :-D

    With the poll while I was also rooting heavily for Sarah, I have to admit that Eileen is really cute too. :-) Congratulations to her. ^_^

  2. Hey saw this video thought of you SK

  3. Hahaha! Nice. I always search for sexy swimsuit/barefoot VF5FS matches on Utube everyday. Man, I want this game for consoles yesterday.