Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mu-12 (Blazblue: Continuum Shift) UPDATED!

In the Blazblue world, Super-powerful Killer Robots come with giant swords and cute little toes.

UPDATE: Added a cool Mu-12 animated gif!
The last time I posted about Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, it was about the deadly but lovely V-13, the ultra-powerful end boss of the game, a war machine in the form of a lovely young woman. Scratch that, lovely young barefoot babe! Unfortunately, while V-13's design does have her bare-legged and barefoot in her character art and pre-fight form, in actual gameplay she dons a mecha suit which irritatingly covers up her feet, which should be hot for those with amputation fetishes.

Now in Blazblue's upcoming pseudo-sequel, Blazblue: Continuum Shift, we've got another hot, bare-toed android babe to pine for. Her name is Mu-12, a new character added to the roster for this upcoming 2D brawler. But while she's classified as a new character, Mu is actually just the 'true' form of existing fighter and Blazblue resident hottie, Noel Vermillion. Apparently this more powerful (and perhaps evil) form of Noel is unleashed when she is fused with the infamous Azure Grimoire (the game's McGuffin magical artifact). As you can see in the illustration above, Mu's costume is skimpy and sexy, with the best part being that she shows off her cute and kissable toes for us to enjoy. Unfortunately as with V-13, she dons the anti-foot armor in battle, concealing her ten little piggies from view. Which is just a waste since all Mu needs to do is spread those cute toes and aim them in our direction and we'll be defeated instantly, turned into her toe-slaves. Heh... Oh well.

So just enjoy the artworks I've found of this beautiful bot, and hope that someday a footfan gets a position inside the Blazblue design team...

Here's another nice artwork of Mu and her titillating toes to ogle.

Mu-12 in-game, before she gets into her armor. Image courtesy of Fighters Generation.

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  1. O_O Wow female androids rock especially when parts of their feet are exposed for the world to see. Hot artwork!!