Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tekken Movie Soleful Screencaps

Too bad there's no Character Customization in the movie...

Under the radar of most of us in the world, the Tekken live-action movie came out. It's direct-to-dvd and blu-ray in most places, but in theaters in some countries like the Philippines. I was able to see it myself and of course, aside from enjoying the all-out martial arts action (it really isn't bad as many out there are judging right away... it's an okay B-movie action movie), I was looking out to see any sole shots and foot-age from the flesh-and-blood Tekken babes.

First off, sad to say, there are only four female Tekken characters in the movie, not including Jin Kazama's non-canon girlfriend. They are Jun Kazama, Nina and Anna Williams and Christie Monteiro. Of these four, only two are shown onscreen barefoot.

In a bit of a reversal, one of them is Anna Williams, played by the hot Marian Zapico (who actually looks a lot more beautiful in the movie than she did in early stills of the movie). Early on in the movie there's a steamy threesome sex scene with Kazuya (lucky bastard played by Ian Anthony Dale) and both Williams sisters.
As seen in the caps below, Anna, in her lingerie and bare feet, is seen walking towards Kaz's bedside, where Nina is already in (thus we never really see Nina's feet... too bad). Nice sole shots, and it's quite sexy to see Anna's soft feet padding on the cold floor, even if the view is quite a bit too far away. There are closer ups of this hot babe in this scene, albeit not of her sexy feet though. Sad to say though, Anna does not see action in the ring- maybe she has a deleted fight scene or something, I don't know. But in the theater release, we never see her fight in her signature China dress outfit. Too bad, and Anna has always been prominently shown off in the advertising at that. Oh well.

Then there's Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro. There are quite a few nitpicks with her, starting of course from the fact that she's white and not a Brazilian, nor is she an actual Capoeira fighter. Yep, her fighting style is changed in the movie to a generic MMA style. Thankfully though, she's still gorgeous, and she still generally has the same outfit as in the game, pants, bare feet and all. Funny that the first time we see Christie is when Jin Kazama happens upon her in the Tekken gym, and he comments on how nice her toes are. Jin's a foot fan? Well, when Christie asks him about it he blurts out something about her toes being in the perfect position for the Baji Quan martial art and stuff... but I say, yeah, Jin's a foot fan, at least in the movie.
We next see Christie barefoot in her first and ONLY tournament match in the movie, a fight with Nina Williams (it's the one seen in the trailers. The fight is fast and sadly, doesn't allow for many closeups of Christie's feet, and certainly the movement is too blurry if you watch it in real time. Nice thing then, that we have screencaps of some of the best shots of Christie's sexy female MMA feet in action!

While the Tekken movie is cool and all, it could have done with a lot more babes and barefoot scenes with these said babes. It would not have hurt to have Nina in her original, barefoot outfit from the first Tekken, but nope, they had to go with some weird purple outfit that just looks silly as hell. In all though, Tekken isn't a film to see for the abundance of barefoot scenes (unless you love male feet, well, Jon Foo shows off his bare feet a lot), but it is a decent action movie and a pretty good videogame translation as these things go. It's out on DVD so if you're interested check it out. Otherwise, just enjoy the caps above. Till the next update!


  1. Wow...it looks like a fun film. *Nosebleed* Christie's sole in your face is massively hot. Anna's feet look great as well. Also nice to see Nina albeit without her bare feet showing. Really awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Where there any tickling scenes of Christie or a Knockout Christie?

    I love to see that movie and wow Jin is a foot fan. Lucky guy in the movie gets to have the barefooted girl.

  3. Unfortunately the only barefoot scenes are the ones I mentioned above in the article. Also, Jin doesn't end up with Christie, they just have a sorta-fling for a while.

  4. Actually they're not the only ones; when she jumps over the sofa to shoot the guards there's a good view of her soles.