Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kokonoe (Blazblue) UPDATED


UPDATE: Added one more pic of Kokonoe from Blazblue: Continuum Shift. She's actually not barefoot in it (not quite), but it's a nice teasing pic I think that's worth posting and leaves a little bit to the imagination. Enjoy!
Here's a quickie- a nice piece of art from the cool 2D fighter, Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. This babe is Kokonoe, one of the game's supporting characters and a major player in the behind-the-scenes power plays that are shaping the saga of the game's story. She's part beast/cat person, which explains her feline features. Unlike other catgirls though, nicely enough her feet are very much human... and this art shows off a very nice sole shot. It's too bad that Kokonoe isn't a playable character, but seeing as how other background characters in the game have eventually become playables, perhaps someday we can have Kokonoe kicking butt... preferably with her sexy bare soles. Or perhaps she can take off her slipper to deliver a good whack. Anyway, I wouldn't hold my breath, but at least Blazblue is little-by-little having some barefoot babes from its stable. That's that for now... enjoy the pic!

A bit of a footie tease this pic is.


  1. Rrowr. That's one massively cute cat.Love the peek the image provides of her sole. ^_^

  2. Thanks. I really hope she becomes playable at one point, and perhaps goes barefoot in-game. We can always dream... ^_^