Thursday, August 26, 2010

Momoko in King of Fighters XIII?

Will the latest KOF see the return of this barefoot cutie?

The recent releases of the 2D King of Fighters titles haven't been footfan-friendly with the lack of any unshod beauties in the roster. Heck, they added Mai Shiranui but sadly she's not wearing her toe and heel-exposing instep guards from the Real Bout series. Well, the drought of barefoot babes may end with the possible inclusion of Momoko to the roster. While as yet unconfirmed, sprites of Momoko and several other fighters- Malin, Oswald and Chang Koehan, have appeared in an entry on the official KOFXIII blog. This has led to some speculation that perhaps they'll be added to a possible console version as additional fighters?

Well, Momoko's enough reason for me to pick up the home version of KOFXIII if she is indeed included in the game. Let's cross our fingers and hope that we have cute Capoeirista feet dancing on our TVs later this year.

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  1. O_O Wow...Barefoot female capoeira fighters are hot. Would love to find myself in a match with Momoko just to take a couple of kicks from her. ^_^ Looks like she is wearing polish too which is awesome. Hope they add her in the game as well. ^_^