Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ibuki Confirmed in Streetfighter X Tekken (UPDATED with VIDEO!)

Ibuki's intro animation gives us a great sole shot- Awesome!

Just a nice news post- footfans now have at least one reason to await the upcoming console brawler Streetfighter X Tekken. It's now confirmed that Ibuki, the super-cute shoeless kunoichi is now part of the roster. She's sure to have her cool attacks and techniques where she's aiming her lovely soles at her opponents' faces. Though it's still unconfirmed, rumor has it that Makoto, Ibuki's friend and rival from SSFIV and SF3, will also be appearing in this game. Aside from that it's almost certain that Asuka Kazama will also be kicking butt, hopefully sporting her nice hakamas and instep guards that show off her pretty heels and toes. I'll be keeping an eye on this fighting game from here on in. Things look good for us footies in 2012!

Ibuki and her pretty ninja feet are set to kick ass in Streetfighter X Tekken!

WIll there be more barefoot babes in SFXT?


  1. I'm way way more interested in the Tekken version of the game. Hopefully we'll get the Barefoot option and All of the girls will be able to fight barefoot.

  2. Me too, but I've been hearing that work hasn't even began on it yet since they're too preoccupied with Tekken Tag 2 at the moment. But I've got a good feeling that barefoot customization will be available for a large number of females.

  3. That's true. Tekken X SF is still a long ways off, but at least indeed, Harada has already stated early on that Character Customization will be in (I think that feature is already a given for any Tekken game from here on). Barefoot Options should be standard, really- I think if TTT2 gives us what we want, with all the babes allowed to be barefoot, we can be assured future Tekkens will also follow that rule. Keep crossing those fingers...

  4. Just updated this post with a gameplay vid with Ibuki (nice sole shot!) so check it out. Want this game!!!

  5. O_O Awesome!! This game is going to really rock. ^_^