Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hitomi (Dead or Alive)

She Kicks High! Hitomi's feet aren't as detailed as with today's fighting games, but that didn't keep footfans then from ogling them endlessly.

Ah, Dead or Alive. It was, in it's time, one of the premiere fighting games, even if it was often chided for being a bit too heavy on the fan service. A little fan service never harmed anybody, and DOA had a LOT. The DOA babes were hot polygon princesses who jiggled and jostled their way into fighting gamers' hearts. Sadly, the series is more known for boobs than feet, with only the port of the original Dead or Alive on Playstation giving us all the available beauties barefoot in sexy bikinis. Since then though, the series went astray, disappointing fans repeatedly with the ad infinitum rehashes of DOA2, most of whom had either no or few alternate costumes, NONE of them showing off the girls' feet.

Thankfully after the dark age of DOA2, Tecmo's fighter returned to foot fans' good graces with Dead or Alive 3. A flagship fighting game for the debuting Xbox, DOA3 featured amazing graphics several new fighters- one of them being of course, Hitomi. A teenage karate fighter decked out in a traditional martial arts gi, this German-Japanese barefoot beauty made her first appearance in the DOA3 trailer, performing her cool martial arts kata, bare soles kicking at the camera and entrancing foot fans everywhere. She was cute AND hot as well as being kick-butt awesome, her lovely bare feet as beautlful as they were deadly. I can tell you, Hitomi was my favorite from there on, the sole reason for purchasing an Xbox and a copy of Dead or Alive 3. Good times, indeed.

Hitomi's karate gi was slightly 'sexed up' in DOA Ultimate, her tank top undershirt turning into a sports bra that showed off some sexy midriff.

Hitomi would continue to charm fans as the series continued into odd directions, such as the DOAX games. Even among all the other also-bikini-clad-and-barefoot ladies in the game, Hitomi still stood out (who could resist her when she did her sexy dances, or trademark kata in her bikinis?) thanks to her winsome, down-to-earth charm and girl-next-door good looks.

Then came Dead or Alive Ultimate, which is truly aptly named. Thanks to her popularity, Hitomi was included in the remade version of DOA2 Ultimate. And lucky that she did- Hitomi is the only babe to go barefoot in the game, not only in her trademark karate gi, but in a sexy polka-dot bikini! The sight of Hitomi, bikini-clad and barefoot, kicking butt, is divine indeed, and solidified Hitomi as DOA's true Barefoot Goddess, and makes DOA Ultimate the single most important Dead or Alive game in any foot fan's collection (next to DOA PSX).

Barefoot Hitomi in her polka-dot bikini. Best. Costume. Ever.

Sadly, the fourth and apparently final Dead or Alive game, DOA4, horrified all with the absurd omission of Hitomi's karate gi from the selection of outfits. Never mind that they had room for about three or four different colored versions of a German skirted dress, there was apparently no space for Hitomi's trademark martial arts costume. It was blasphemy indeed, and I still can't believe how moronic Team Ninja was for that.

Well, we still had DOAU, which is where surely Hitomi is at her sexiest, and that's all we need.

Barefoot Babes KICK ASS!

Anyway, enjoy these new HD vids from Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive Ultimate. Even in this day of HD graphics and awesomely-detailed character models and environments in games like Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV, the Dead or Alive games still look decent. Even if her feet aren't as detailed and sculpted as finely as the Tekken or VF Girls, Hitomi's soles are still a treasure and a pleasure for foot-loving gamers.

Hitomi follows the Fighter's Road in Dead or Alive 3.

Not even a genetically-engineered superweapon is a match for Hitomi's feet!

Whether dishing it out or taking it, Hitomi is always a knockout.

Karate Princess vs Bikini Goddess!

As of this writing, the future of Dead or Alive is uncertain. Tecmo still has the option to continue their fighting game franchise, even without the participation of the series' creator, Itagaki. If so, I hope they see fit to reinstate Hitomi as the barefoot karate princess that she is, and perhaps update the game with true Character Customization so we can have all the DOA babes barefoot. Even if this great event should take place, surely Hitomi will always retain a special place in our foot-fancying hearts.

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  1. O_O Awesome Karate girl's feet...Hitomi is really hot. I voted for her in the poll as well. Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^