Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 Plus Tina, Hitomi and Ayane Gravure Movies (PS Vita)

Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the PS Vita is out, and there are quite a few vids online. Sadly not enough of the girls in their barefoot 'Paradise Swimsuits' as of yet. But still, Youtuber Ailes De Lumiere has posted several of the DOA girls' 'Extreme Private Gravure' movies. As far as I know, these videos are only available as bonuses in the Japanese Collector's Edition of the game. They're really not all that- they're basically just a half-minute look at the girls frolicking on the beach- nothing too hot or steamy and I question why these weren't included as a matter of course for the NA versions. Perhaps they'll be released as free goodies eventually for all.

Unfortunately while Ailes has posted many of the gravures, not all of them have the girls in their Paradise outfits. But perhaps that will come soon, so I'd bookmark the channel if you like the three vids above. Hopefully direct-feed HD versions will be posted as well. I'll update this post if more vids are posted.

I am actually considering getting a Vita for DOA5+ (liking the Touch Fight, actually), but only if I get the Paradise suits in with it. We'll see. For now... the vids. Darn, Ayane is so cute...


  1. Sadly Mr. Soles...the game did not come with the "special costumes" you are referring to. I hope so too man. Free downloads would kick ass, but knowing Tecmo...a small price to pay perhaps... :(

    I have a Vita! That means you should get one too! ^_^ Give into the peer pressure you will!!! >< ;) hehe. The Touch Fight is so much fun!!! ;) Especially if you download the first patch version for the game. Let's just say "swiping" will feel good...;) I'll leave it to your imagination lol.

    I sent you an e-mail back on March 5th to your yahoo account. Did you ever get it? :) I want to add you as a friend on my Vita so we can fight online when you do get it.

  2. Hey man. Yeah, it stinks that the best stuff was saved for the Japanese CE, but well, indeed knowing Tecmo they should be available for DLC sometime after launch. Yeah, the Touch Fight looks like a lot of laughs, but I'd want to secure the barefoot bikinis first on my PS3 before anything else. I got your email, but was a bit busy. My PSN name is gregorthewolf or starkravingmad. However, I never really play online since my connection is slow.

    Later man!

  3. And hello back! ^_^ You're probably right. It's fun how ridiculous the boob bouncing is when you are fighting in the first person mode. When you unlock the OMG breast motion, the real fun begins ;) lmao. Oh of course. Makes sense to have a back-up. I understand. Busy life on my end as well. I sent the request anyway to your two names. :) If you re-consider, ;) you know. Laters homeslice! ^_^