Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Barefoot Warrior Babes in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires!

Here's a refreshing change from our usual fighting game contribution to our barefoot babe collection. Kaymac201 on Youtube brought to my attention that the Edit or Create-a-Warrior mode in the just-released Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires has barefoot customization as an option (not sure if it was ever available in previous DW games). So now you can conquer the Warring States of Ancient China as a barefoot warrior woman or Amazon!

Crush all opposition beneath your warrior woman's lovely soles!

I do plan on getting the game, but for now here are a couple of vids that I found that show off the Edit feature and the options for outfits and weapon skills available. The graphics of the character model looks good enough, at least with detailed feet for our pleasure (even if I'm sure most of the time the views will be a bit zoomed-out). I've never really been a fan of this series, but this may be a nice change of pace.

Some of the weapons and attacks are pretty wild!

The game is available on PSN only for US gamers (since the game does not have an English dub, only subtitles). It's out on disc in Asia. I'll have more on this soon.


  1. I've played some DW, but the graphics of the feet was too low for my taste (there was some female character in sandals) even during the cutscenes and close ups.
    As I can see now seems better and I see nice weapons too.

  2. Wonder how hi-res this version is. Definitely would buy, love customization...

  3. Thanks for positng!
    Nice collection!