Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kasumi Barefoot and Bikini-clad in DOA5 Plus (PS Vita)

Kasumi shows off her body and soles in the DOA5 upgrade.

Not a day has passed since I posted last about the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PS Vita), but now clearer pics of the portable fighter's barefoot heroine Kasumi have surfaced at Team Ninja's European Facebook page. Well, from the pics we can finally confirm that Kasumi will be barefoot in at least one of her swimsuits- we still don't know if she's shoeless in just this suit, or if footwear can be toggled from this or other costumes. Hopefully this outfit isn't some limited edition exclusive nonsense though.

Anyway, Kasumi is looking hawt, and really I can't figure out how Team Ninja missed the barefoot boat in DOA5. Well, they're finally looking to be on board with footfans' desires with Plus. I am really hoping ALL the girls have a barefoot outfit/options like Kasumi, so it will be really worth getting a Vita.
Though I am sorely tempted to already plunk down the downpayment for one, seeing how hot Kasumi is. The 'touchscreen' vertical mode is also pretty intriguing. Heheh...

 Nice views look to be the norm in DOA5 Plus.

There's still quite a bit of time before the game's March release, so we'll probably be seeing more of it online soon- perhaps a cool trailer to show off the modes and the outfits? Anyways, I'll be on this like a hawk and I'll post more media and info as it comes. How much is a Vita again..?


  1. I will try to get this Version at the end of march. So maybe I can tell you, how it is. :-)

  2. Hello Sole Keeper!!! ;) Have Some Candy!!!! I called around to other stores and have heard that the base system for PS Vita is only 249.99. Not too bad! ;) Or there's the same one, but comes with Madden if your a football fan. Hope that answers your question ;)

  3. Cesar2007: Good to hear, dude. But I'll probably get Plus myself well before then- I'm an impatient one. :)

    Atsushi-Man: Thanks. I actually asked around myself. Getting a Vita isn't a problem, I just wish there were more games that I like on it. I'd prefer the barefoot costumes to appear on PS3 as well instead.