Friday, February 22, 2013

Christie: Barefoot Bikini Babe! (Dead or Alive 5 Plus)

Red nail polish... Christie finally bares her soles in battle.

A nice little bit to end the week- a couple of new screenshots were added to the official site of Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and one of them (the one above, to be exact) shows us something a lot of foot-lovers have been asking for since DOA3- a barefoot Christie. Fans of nail polish will definitely be loving this femme fatale's bright red toenails. Yummy!

I think this is a great sign that all the girls in DOA5 Plus will be getting at least one barefoot swimsuit outfit, or even better, the game may even have a shoe toggle feature. Well, in any case the barefoot costumes should make their way to the PS3 eventually as DLC, or as part of the cross-DLC feature if you have a Vita as well. But of course, I think we'd all prefer the shoe-less outfits to be available on either platform so we're not forced to buy a new Vita if we don't want to.

Anyway, this really made me glad, and I think footfans will be very happy in the next couple of weeks, and once Dead or Alive 5 Plus arrives. My PS3 is ready for some barefoot DOA babes! More as we get more pics or even footage. I can't wait!


  1. Finally got the Vita yesterday!!!!! ^_^ The Wi-Fi version though. Had to go for cheap. The picture is so crystal clear!! Get one nows!!! All I got to do is get protector and case and i'm set ;)

  2. Hahaha! Congrats on your new toy, man. :-) I just bought a new PS3, so I'll lay off spending on another game machine for now- but in a few weeks when DOA5 Plus hits, we'll see. Hoping the barefoot suits are available as DLC for PS3 off the bat though.

  3. I must admit, Christie looks quite hot and cute with red tips and barefeet ;) I like! :) hehe. The anticipation is growing my friend. Why thank you Mr. Keeper! *hugs* I understand man. :) Congrats on the purchase of the PS3. Maybe we can play some All-Stars! I got the game recently. Still donwloading for two days now lol. Hahaha! I hope you get some of those awesome DLC's. COnsider the PS Vita for the future though....just in case you know. You don't wanna get bummbed and be like TECMO!!! WTF!!!?? XD hahahaha. Hey, btw, what's your name on the playstation network? Maybe we can be friends!!!