Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PS Vita): The Next Big Barefoot Babe Fighter?

Among other things, the scan confirms at least Kasumi can be barefoot in DOA5 Plus.

Okay, a bit of good news and bad news. The good news is, well, according to the below scan for Dead or Alive Plus (PS Vita) from the latest issue of Famitsu, it seems that indeed there will be some sort of barefoot customization or barefoot costumes in the game. As we can see in the scan despite the crappy, blurry quality, Kasumi is obviously barefoot in her bikini. We're not sure yet if the outfit comes without footwear by default, or if you can toggle the sandals (I suspect you can toggle, since this was something asked by foot-loving gamers last year in a petition). I'd love for this, since it may mean that every girl can be barefoot, and hopefully in not just their swimsuit outfits but in other costumes as well.

To add to the tease (aside from the first trailer of DOA5 Plus), I found this tantalizing pic of Pai Chan posing in her swimsuit sans sandals on the Team Ninja Facebook page... man, does Pai look scrumptious.

Barefoot Pai in DOA5 Plus? Sign me up!

 In addition to the potential barefoot awesomeness, the PS Vita version of DOA5 also come with a First Person Touchscreen mode where you can battle your opponents using the Vita touchscreen, even launching them with juggles and observing them from various angles (well played, Team Ninja). Looks like TN is pulling out all the stops with DOA5 Plus- Gravure scenes, teasing camera angles, touchscreen controls, more than 100 costumes (according to the official site)... and now, barefoot customization? Color me impressed. Oh, the bad news? Looks like we're going to have to shell out the cash to buy a Vita, folks... if this game turns out to be all that it looks to be, it may be worth it. With Tekken and SF being quiet all this time, looks like Dead or Alive 5 Plus (which will be cross-compatible with the PS3 game) is going to steal footfans' hearts this March.


  1. Well, if you want DOA5 girls in bikini and barefooted you must download XPS 10.9.4 and then the models here:
    In XPS you can load scenes and models, making poses, etc.

    1. Thanks. Glad to find out where the Pai pic came from at least.