Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bikini Karate Babes Mobile on Kickstarter

Let's have more barefoot babe fighting games on the go!

Aside from perhaps the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus, there really aren't that many portable fighters (good or bad) with barefoot babes in them. If you've got an Android phone, you can get a PS1 Emulator (FPSe is my recommendation) and enjoy the original, classic Dead or Alive and unlock the babes' swimsuits for barefoot beach babe action. On PSP (Original) or 3DS, you can have some barefoot action in Tekken 6 or Tekken 3D Prime Edition. That's about it.

So really, the more barefoot babe fighting games get ported to mobile, the better. The sexy and funny brawler, Bikini Karate Babes is being ported to iOS and Android, which means sexy bikini and barefoot fighting action wherever you go. But to get this done, the creators, Creative Edge Studios, need quite a bit of help. They've started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the game's development. As of this writing, the pledges are nowhere near close to the required amount. So I'm here to try and get more gamers- footfan gamers- to pledge some loose change to help. All that's needed is at least 5 dollars for a good return- the full mobile game AND an exclusive character.

So if you can, please give your support to this! I'm sure it will turn out cool. Aside from the vid embedded above, you can check out the BKB Kickstarter page here.

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