Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Poll: Should The Amazon join The Imperial Legion or The Stormcloaks?

It's been some time since I started my latest Skyrim Playthrough, featuring the barefoot heroine known as The Amazon. Right now, she's at Level 50 and a total badass. I think at this time she's powerful enough to tip the balance of Skyrim's Civil War if she were to take a side. But what side should she take?

Though she's technically a Nord, she's actually a foreigner to Skyrim, so she's not going to go with Ulfric and the Nord cause just because she's blonde, tall and (probably) speaks in a German accent. But she does dislike oppression and repression, and the way that the Thalmor have been given free reign to walk over the rights of Skyrim's people at will irks her to no end. That said, she is from a militaristic, clannish race herself, and is not averse to an Empire or ruler who is able to maintain the peace by strength and righteousness.

One may argue that she may not join the Legion since they were trying to kill her at the start of the story- but well, she's already taken her revenge on them for that, by defeating Helgen's Imperial Captain in combat. So they're square (perhaps?).

But she's also seen some disturbing things about the Stormcloaks- she's read dubious things about Ulfric from the Thalmor dossiers, and the way the rebels' cause seems to celebrate segregation of non-Nords just rubs her the wrong way.

Should she join the fray? Should she fight to reunite Skyrim for the Empire, or liberate it for The Stormcloaks? Or should she just remain neutral and concentrate on killing dragons and righting little wrongs in Skyrim? Help us decide! Cast your vote in the New Poll now!

Just a side note as well- The Amazon's look above- wearing the Warchief Headdress along with Imperial Legion-style bracers and greaves- seemed familiar to me from somewhere, and I eventually realized that there's an actual unit of Roman Legionnaire in actual history with a similar outfit. These guys were called Aquilifiers and they wore lion skin headdresses. Apparently they were ranked just below Centurions and had the honor of carrying the Legion's standard (the Eagle). So they were pretty badass and terrifying to see for the enemies of Rome. Of course, the Aquilifiers were male and probably didn't go barefoot (nor did they kill dragons or wear dragon armor). Heheh.

Anyways, sadly The Amazon has recently just switched looks again. She still wears her base Dragonplate cuirass, but has replaced her helmet, gauntlets and greaves. I'll leave it at that for now and show off her new look in another article or video.


  1. I haven't gotten the chance to play Skyrim so I don't really have any knowledge of its politics. After reading the wiki summary for both them I voted for the Stormcloaks just because the Amazon seems more suited for Guerilla warfare. There is more freedom in remaining neutral too but If there is more to do in the game and benefits to be gained by joining a team...the Stormcloaks would be my pick.

  2. I'd say Stormcloaks. Why? Axe and Viking = GLORY. She is super duper pretty. I guess only PC Skyrim Chicks can be pretty..mine looks..bad. That's ok, armour hides everything.

  3. I went with stormcloaks, better someone who can be changed than a single high dictating presence for everything.

    Also here is Elyse, master sneak/theif and observer of injustice, padding around on very silent barefeet, as always.