Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon Poll Result, Update!

The Amazon's ready to fulfill her Dragonborn destiny...

Okay, the people have spoken! About a week ago I asked everyone to help me decide which side in the Skyrim Civil War should our Heroine, The Amazon, join? The Imperial Legion and the Empire, or to the Stormcloak Rebellion?

The results are out and more than half of all votes went to keeping our Barefoot Dovahkiin NEUTRAL. So I will acquiesce... we won't join either side, and just keep on truckin', er, questing.

To be honest, I am very partial to the Empire, mainly because I like General Tullius and Rikke quite a bit. Ulfric for me is a wild card choice, something you'd do just to see the other side of things. Anyway, I will keep the Status Quo for now and just keep on the path of the Dragonborn.

As of right now, The Amazon is Level 54. I have gone and decided to finish the Main Quest and take care of Alduin. After that, we'll see about taking her through the DLC quests and other stuff. She's almost too powerful at this point, but she can still die if I'm careless. But still- Dual wielding legendary swords she can pretty much kill anything- including dragons- in a couple of power attacks.

Anyways, I'll be posting vids for the next several weeks. We'll see where her adventure leads her!


  1. Dude. Dragons are easy? Deadly Dragons mod. All I can say is prepare to get eaten.

    Don't get Dragon Combat Overhaul though, the modder thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the mod is buggy and causes CTD.

    And, for a barefoot character, the Amazon's feet have avoided the camera for the past few shots :)

    Tips for moar awesome screenshotting:

    tfc 1 (toggle free camera and freeze scene at same time)
    tm (hides UI completely)
    fov 20 (gives a telephoto lens length for minimal distortion and increased drama)
    animcam (allows you to rotate around yourself as you move)
    sucsm # (changes the speed and smoothness the camra in TFC will move, allowing better control and positioning of the camera)

    1. Hey man! :)

      I DO have Deadly Dragons installed. I have it on Expert (I am not a masochist to put it on Insane yet, but I might). Last I checked, I put it on regular but so far the non-purist dragons haven't appeared- maybe I did something wrong. As for Dragon Combat Overhaul, I got CTDs from it before, but not after subsequent installs- I like it, it makes the combat different and I like how it removes the 'procedure' dragon deaths. Oh well...

      The pics I've shown of The Amazon here are just to tease of course, if you want more of her, you should see the vids. Of course, sadly her feet aren't shown all the time in-game as much as I'd want. It's not just her but other babes that are the feature.

      Lastly, those screenshot data- are those inputted in console commands? Darn, I wish you gave me them a long time ago. hehe

    2. I actually put Deadly Dragons on Insane already, though the game is still on Expert (Vanilla game with mods, not SkyRe, btw). I fought a Magma Dragon who was kinda tough, but my resistances and dual-wielding still finished him off pretty quick once I was able to close in.

      I'm still not overpowered totally- giants and mammoths can still one-shot me if I don't block, and I did get killed by a dragon that landed on top of me, it sent me flying off a cliff and I died :)

  2. Can't wait to see more of her. ^_^

    1. There will certainly be more of her. In terms of video, her adventures are already recorded for several hours up until the Main Quest's resolution, as of right now. :) I'll try to implement Heidern's suggestions for screenshots asap and have better pics of her here on the blog when I can.

  3. Hahaha well, I guess the Deadly Dragons mod put on Insane difficulty is finally kicking in- I'm facing off with new dragons I've never seen, that won't die easily. I got one-shotted by something called a Wyvern, when I didn't block (dual-wielding). I'll have to face such dragons with the usual Sword and Board style. Pretty cool though. Nope, I'm not totally overpowered by a long shot, but at Level 59 I do have to be very strong. :)