Friday, August 23, 2013

Mysterious Female in Killer Instinct (XBox One)

Who is this lethal lady?

UPDATE: Killer Instinct Central just posted that this newcomer is an all-new character to the KI universse, and her name is apparently Sadira. No other info though. But I'm sure we'll have more updates on this femme fatale very soon.

So far the upcoming Killer Instinct hasn't panned out yet for us foot fans, but it has just taken a nice step into the right direction with the debut of a new female character. Well, I assume she's not really new but a returning fighter- which most seem to agree on that this is probably Kim Wu, albeit with a darker twist or redesign that all of the characters seem to have gotten going into the game. I agree it's most surely Kim, since she is wearing sandals/leggings that reveal her toes and heels, though sadly the clog-like claw thingies she has prevents her from being actually barefoot. I'm still hoping that Maya the barefoot Amazon Queen returns someday in this game, but for now- at least there's one fighter I can get interested in (kinda) this game. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a barefoot babe in the new KI eventually.


  1. They're getting skins from past KI, so maybe if this was Kim Wu then we may get a barely there fishnet stocking costume

  2. This isn't Kim Wu. She uses a completely different weapon and fights way differently too. Even tho all of the returning characters have gotten new designs, they still somewhat resemble who they're supposed to be. It's pretty obvious that this is a brand new original fighter, which is a good thing, since KI3 needs some fresh new blood.

  3. O_O She's hot!! Really looking forward to this game. ^_^