Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fighter Within Revealed (Xbox One)


While the longtime fighters like Tekken and Streetfighter seem to be in hiatus these days, new fighters are still coming in the near future, a couple for the upcoming XBox One. We already know about Killer Instinct (3), but sadly that appears to be, for the start at least, pretty slim pickings for us footfans- there will only be 6 fighters out at launch, with 2 DLC coming after- while I am hoping for barefoot Amazon Maya to make it in earlier than later, that seems to be a remote chance. So for now at least, the new KI is for fans of leathery males and weird monster fighters... Ugh.
Thankfully, another new beat 'em up was just revealed at the recent Gamescom 2013, and it has more promising visuals that footfans will be liking a lot. The Fighter Within from Ubisoft has at least one barefoot (well, near barefoot with the cloth wraps/bandages) female fighting fury in the roster, with more hopefully in the wings. The current shown barefoot babe is an Oriental karate-kicking hottie named Van, who seems to be a combination of Pai Chan and Chun-Li, with footwear from Ibuki. Heheh.

I just can't resist a barefoot martial arts catfight.

Anyway, the catch here is- it's a KINECT fighter. AACK! Kinect means goofy movements and you looking utterly weird when you're playing this. Well, the producers promise 1-to-1 movement with the new Kinect, but darn- this is more workout than simple fighting game. Still, the graphics and character models seem to be pretty cool, I like the KOs and the graphics, and it's about time there's a game that's more based on realism than ever before. The only thing is- this had better be damn awesome to get me to buy a Kinect, never mind an XBox One.

Still, it's a new fighter, with barefoot babes, and it kinda looks nice. I'll keep an eye on this one at least. This is due out in the holidays, perhaps just after the XB1 launch. You can check out more art, character bios and a couple of vids over here.


  1. O_O Wow...this next generation fighter is looking hot indeed. :-)

  2. ouch.. kinect game.... shoot had my hopes up