Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hermes Costello Barefoot Alternate Costume (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures All-Star Battle)

Who knew there was a curvy barefoot hottie under all that mannish power?

Okay this is a bit of a surprise. Really, I'm familiar with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series only from a couple of episodes of the old, old anime- but I've never really read the manga. Anyway this action-packed title full of supernatural 'Stands' and their colorful users just got the fighting game treatment from Namco-Bandai, with ALL the trimmings so fans of the manga would get giddy with delight from all the fan service. Me though, I more or less thought that I would not care- I was not aware there were ANY ladies in this game's roster, much less a barefoot one.

Well, turns out there ARE actually a few ladies in the game- including a female 'JoJo' main hero. Another is the lady we are featuring now. Her name is Hermes Costello, and she is one of the good guys apparently. Anyway, now that I'm looking at her, her face and features really mix in with a lot of the other males, given the very fierce art style. As well, she's usually dressed pretty discreetly so unless you notice her perky chest, you'll probably mistake her for one of the guys (who pose like girls too often). Anyway, thankfully Hermes has an Alternate Costume in the game that has her showing off a lot more skin and has her barefoot as well. So I guess that's a nice treat for footfans who are thinking to get this new beat 'em up. She does indeed look quite fetching in her alt though. Hmmm.

The game is so far Japan-only with no word yet of a US release. The game is import-friendly apparently, so anyone liking the JoJo manga may do well to go ahead and grab a copy. Me? I'll hold off for now. But at least this thing isn't a total writeoff. Perhaps if there is at least one more barefoot alternate costume for another female I'll consider getting this. Maybe.

I STILL think the art is too mannish, but what the heck. Heheh...


  1. Awesome, a good find!
    As you said, the design of all characters of this game are too mannish (well, a bit gayer) but she looks cute with this costume, giving her a look more feminine, and the most important thing, she's barefoot. Honestly, I didn't expect that I would find a barefoot girl in this game...

  2. You should check out the 2012-2013 anime (which will be continued probably later this year) It is awesome!

  3. I researched and no saw the God of War content here, you intend to post? (mainly god of war ascension)

    1. What content is there in Ascension? Do you mean the Furies? I know Alecto at least is barefoot and the scenes where Kratos kills her has nice a nice angle (her death seems to have several versions though). I don't have the game though but I may post about that someday.

    2. ascension I meant Tisiphone(gorgeous feet), but gow 1 hás the oracle must havê content and also hás 3 Aphrodite :D

  4. :-D Gotta love a barefoot alternate costume. ^_^