Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Female Fighters Coming to Next UFC Title (2014)

Real-life tough girls once again make the jump to the digital dojo.

It's not the first time this has happened- the first time we saw female combatants in a MMA sports game (not a mainstream fighter) was a couple of years ago with Supremacy MMA- which was promising but ultimately was a boring, shallow mess. What will be different here then? EA Sports' UFC will feature real-life MMA athletes Ronda Rousey (seen above) and her rival Miesha Tate. More will follow from the Women's Bantamweight Division. Unlike regular fighting games though, women will only fight women in the UFC game, as in real life (weird, eh?). On the other hand, this will also mean barefoot fighting babes aplenty as per the real-life MMA attire- no stilleto pumps or thigh high boots here.

Still not sure though about this- I'm about as into UFC sports as I am into microbiology- which is to say, not much. Still, if the in-game MMA girls are at least as fetching as their real-life models (Supremacy had fugly in-game models) and the action is good and deep with a good selection of female fighters to choose from- maybe. We'll see about this perhaps next year. For now, check out the video interview below to tease what's coming.

Catfights in the making...

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  1. Awesome. As a female martial arts fan fighting fan. I like Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey so it's awesome to see them appear in a videogame allowing two of my interests to combine. Really hope that the game is good. :-D