Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ultimate Sexy? Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arrrives!

The DOA girls are back and sexier than ever before.

Ah, Dead or Alive. Probably one of the pillar fighting games for me, even if the barefoot babe content in it has been on-and-off for the many, many releases in its long history. The original Dead or Alive on PSX was my absolute favorite barefoot babe fighter (still is a sentimental fave today), but DOA2, with its huge number of rehash/upgrades/editions pounded me with no barefoot content at all for about ten releases (Itagaki and Team Ninja then- go to hell). DOA3 had ONE barefoot babe in karate babe Hitomi. DOA4- a barren wasteland both in barefoot babes and fun. Sigh.

Team Ninja finally won us back with Dead or Alive 5 Plus, thanks to the sexy barefoot bikinis in the Collector Edition exclusive (during release) Hot Getaway Swimsuit set. And now- Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Bringing several additional fighters, new moves, modes and costumes, will it be Ultimate for us footfans as well?

If you got the 'Hot Getaway' barefoot swimsuit set from DOA5/DOA5 Plus, you can use them in Ultimate.

Unfortunately, the barefoot babe content in DOA5 Ultimate is actually a bit less than in DOA5 Plus- but I assume that you will do the right thing and add DOA5 Plus's Hot Getaway swimsuits (as DLC) to DOA5U. In fact, all previous DLC for DOA5 (and DOA5 Plus) can be transferred/cross-saved to Ultimate. It's quite painless- if you have a DOA5 save, the first time you boot up Ultimate it will ask if you want to load the save- yes, you do.

The sad part is that natively, DOA5U has no barefoot outfits for the ladies in the new costumes that come with the game (well, you can consider Hitomi's Karate Gi as one). Downer. However, if you got the Japanese/Asian Collector's Edition (just as it was with DOA5 Plus), you get to download the 'Ultimate Sexy' Costume Set, which includes several barefoot swimsuits for several of the ladies. Once again though, there's a caveat. Not all the ladies get barefoot swimsuits, or swimsuits at all. It's actually pretty irritating. Seven of the girls get swimsuits, while the other seven get 'Racing Outfits' which, while sexy, sadly come with footwear/sandals. Also, Rachel the Fiendhunter, one of the newcomer girls added in the game, wears sandals with her bikini. DAMN!

DOA5U adds in several new fighters, new moves and tactics for everyone, new modes, intro and win poses and lots of bits and bobs.

So what do we have left then? Six barefoot swimsuits. The three younger DOA girls- Kasumi, Ayane and Kokoro- get the ubiquitous one-piece Japanese 'School' Swimsuits. Since I'm not Japanese they don't particularly please me- luckily their Hot Getaway bikinis are much hotter. Leifang's bikini once again comes with a skirt-like cloth, but I find it's lingerie-like style much better than her DOA5 Plus swimsuit, which is great.
Next comes Hitomi's hot pink bikini, and it is pretty much my big favorite among the new swimsuits. I was really disappointed with her Hot Getaway skort thing, so this just shows off the Karate Kid's bod so well.
I'm sure a lot consider Helena's seashell bikini (Godfather?) the hottest suit of the bunch, and certainly it's the skimpiest and definitely an eye-catcher. But personally, I actually find her Hot Getaway white bikini sexier and much more suited for a lady of her class. But hey, I'll still use the new suit. Heheh.

You'll spend a lot of time finding all the new bits like new costumes, character intros, tag team intros, win poses, alternate hairstyles and stuff.

And FINALLY, there's Momiji in her white, oh-so-cottony bikini. All I can say is Momiji, OMG. Now THAT is a vision. Momiji's perfect bod and her height are a vision, and I just love seeing her in action in the swimsuit. The bikini is really hot, which is a contrast to every other costume she has (all of which are a variation of her 'Japanese Miko Warrior Ninja' schtick).

With the new suits, an all-new babe in Momiji and the addition of the DOA5 Plus suits, I guess DOA5U is a must have for any foot fan who loves the DOA girls (and what foot fan doesn't?). There isn't any change in the girls' feet models (still not as detailed as I would like, but they're still quite nice), but the overall look and feel of DOA5U is great and sexy. Sadly, getting an actual KO in action is still a bit hard, but thanks to that and the new additions (intros, win poses, taunts, etc) of the game, this is the freshest barefoot babe game we can get now.

Playing a lot with Kasumi just made me realize how damn kickass and awesome she is. All that plus perfect, kiss-worthy feet. What a woman!

One last caveat though- until the 'Ultimate Sexy' costume set is made available as DLC on the PSN/XBL stores, the only way to get them is through the Collector's Editions. Till then, the only barefoot costumes available are the Hot Getaway set (available as DLC now).

DOA5 Ultimate could have had more barefoot outfits, so in the end, it's not quite 'Ultimate'. But sexy it definitely still is, and well worth getting for me (and sharing with all of you!). From here on, we'll focus on the babes themselves next. Now, if you'll excuse me- I have to go play a bit more with Momiji... Mmmm...


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  2. Already have it. Fingers crossed that there are better DLC in the future. Maybe an Amazon or wet suit (ankle-cut) pack? The hackers are making some nude/ custom clothes patches a we speak, so there is that (if you don't mind modding, but hey, it's near the end of these console's lifespan.)