Sunday, September 29, 2013

Makoto Kicks Ass at TGS Capcom Tourney! (SSFIVAE PC)

Makoto shows Sakura who's boss!

 I think it's no secret that my absolute favorite Streetfighter babe is karate kid Makoto. She's SF's total barefoot tomboy babe, and her beauty shines through to me even through her no-frills look, simple but spirited design and utterly awesome fighting skills. Well, the latter is on display in these two long match vids from the recent Capcom Cup Qualifier held at TGS 2013. In several stunning upsets, player Haitani using Makoto (a dark horse choice of character, apparently) bested the rest of the competition and sends the karate kid into the next stage of the gaming tournament. It's awesome to see Makoto finally be recognized (at least in these matches) to be a force to be reckoned with apart from the usual character choices, and hopefully this will herald a new age where more Makotos will kick butt in these high profile gaming events. Anyway, check out the vids for some truly awesome Barefoot Karate Babe Buttkicking! Man, makes me want to give Mak foot massages all the more. Heheh...

Only Mago's Feilong stands in the way of Haitani's Makoto in this final match of the TGS tourney...

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  1.'s great to see Makoto in a capable player's hands. Great set of clips Sole Keeper. ^_^