Friday, October 4, 2013

Jaycee Barefoot (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, XPS)

The Masked Luchadora finally bares her soles for us. In XPS, at least.

When the mysterious, masked luchadora Jaycee first appeared in the teaser trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I was immediately intrigued and excited. She was definitely hot with her sporty physique, and what little we could see of her face was beautiful (but then, there aren't any ugly women in Tekken anyway). Aside from that, her flamboyant and energetic character was interesting- so different from most of the stoic or reserved females in the roster. Another thing that intrigued of course was her being a wrestler, which surely would be given to going barefoot; her default costume was already quite skimpy already. I really had high hopes for this new femme fatale.

 So imagine my surprise when it was eventually discovered/revealed that Jaycee was none other than longtime Tekken girl Julia Chang. But that really only made her more interesting. Transformation from Plain Jane to Star Grappler was awesome. And finally, there was the possibility that Julia would FINALLY bare her soles in the game. Ah, we were all so hopeful. Sadly, this was not to be with Tekken Tag 2's retarded, dumbed-down customization.
Yes, Jaycee (and the rest of the girls) got bikinis, but all came with shoes (damn you, Harada) and a separate barefoot customization was nowhere in the game. But really, enough of our bad memories and the Tekken Team's shortcomings. At least in the totally awesome XPS Poser Studio we can now take the TTT2 Jaycee Bikini Model and remove those irritating sandals as we please.

 Yes, I've had the Mask-less version of Jaycee for months, but really- there's a certain appeal to the Masked Jaycee that you just don't get with the exposed one. Jaycee without the mask is Julia, plain and simple, which is just not the same; this persona requires the whole package. The great thing is, Jaycee is so versatile (just like her in-game character). She can be heel,face or jobber, and she looks so hot doing it. Those legs, feet and physique... just dazzling. I know I'll be playing with her a LOT in XPS. Check out the arts I've done with her so far at my DA Page. There will definitely be more to come as Jaycee challenges all the other babes and scores some pins. YEAH!


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  1. O_O This character is new to me. I'm so behind on my gaming and haven't had a chance to play Tag Tournament 2 yet. Wow...J.C. = Julia Chang...Namco got clever. Even with the hint in the name I never would have guessed. It is a little disappointing to hear that the bikini customization of the game doesn't allow for it female characters to be barefoot but its awesome to see the XPS artwork. Really great image Sole Keeper. Barefoot Julia rocks!!