Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer (XBox One)

Some impressive-looking fighting is coming on XBox One. On Kinect.

At this point in time, I am really saddened that quite a few of the big name fighting games have seemingly gone into a sort of hiatus when it comes to releasing sequels to their fighters. Granted, we already have more than enough fighting games with barefoot babes to last us for the duration, but new games are golden and always great to look forward to. Perhaps it's just a phase, so let's hope that new beat 'em ups with gorgeous, next-gen soles will appear in due time.

So this is why anything new and shiny is to be regarded with excitement- even if it is a Kinect game which really doesn't sit well with me (or many gamers for that matter). Sigh. Anyways, Ubisoft's Kinect-controlled fighter, Fighter Within was announced some time ago, and it debuted with a trailer showing off some live actors and models getting prepped for the game, which was quite meh. This time though, FINALLY, we get to see more of the in-game performers which really do look impressive to me. Really, the character models in FW look quite detailed, and the character designs are pretty varied- from the ninja guy to the Muay Thai Tong Po lookalike to the old master and, well, of course the ladies. Oh, the ladies!

At least two of the babes we see are (mostly) barefoot, wearing the traditional martial arts wraps or instep guards- I hope fully-barefoot alternate costumes or customization is in the game. The models have a real-world grittiness or hardness to them, which I kinda find refreshing compared to the usual overly-perfect ladies of beat 'em ups (with respect- I love me my indestructible, unblemished fighter babes), and the fighting looks vicious and, yep, sexy.

 The big uh-oh of course is that this is a Kinect fighter. I have to get a Kinect as well as an XBox One, and really- chances are this game will control like a joke. It will probably never be regarded as a serious fighter by the mainstream FG community, and at worse may just be another addition to the junk pile of Kinect fighters. OR it may actually turn out awesome. Who knows?
 In any case, based on the trailer above I'll continue keeping tabs on this title. It's not too far away and with Killer Instinct arriving on XBox One as well, there's a growing number of reasons to give MS's console a look later next month. For now, enjoy the trailer and the fetching lady fighters Within.

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  1. The graphics in this game look great. ^_^ Here's hoping that the game is a good one. ^_^