Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hermes Costello Alternate Costume Video (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle)

Choose Hermes from the menu to minimize staring at too much posing.

Some time ago I posted about the recently-released anime fighter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle and it's apparent single barefoot babe, Hermes Costello. Of course, this female stand-user can only go shoeless in her unlockable alternate costume, which can be seen here in this rather lengthy video. Hermes' part comes very late in the vid- pretty much almost at the very end. You can skip all the rest by simply picking her name from the menu at the start of the vid, unless you actually want to see 16+ minutes of Jojo posing madness.

I have to say that while Hermes' costume is rather fetching and her in-game model has a nice, sporty physique and quite attractive feet- I can't get past how MANNISH she is due to the art style. She actually looks like Gakushu from Ikkitousen in drag (okay, that's a bit harsh- at least she's nowhere near as bulky). Really- most of the men are more feminine than she is in terms of facial features. Well, the face really isn't our no. 1 priority anyway- hell, Mileena is hot even with her Tarkatan mug thanks to her other assets. Oh well... what can I say but good thing her feet look so nice. Heheh...


  1. Okay, I just saw another female character, Lisa Lisa (who is sadly not barefoot, at least not yet) coming to this game as DLC... and she is GORGEOUS. In fact, she is apparently the model for Rose in Streetfighter. Anyway, so beautiful females DO exist in the JoJoverse- apparently Hermes (and that other girl Jolene?) are just really MANNISH. Heheh... darn it. Maybe Lisa Lisa will get a barefoot outfit..?

    1. She might get a "towel only" barefoot outfit since one major scene in the anime (at least) is her sporting just that:)