Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Contributor Appears!!! Introducing Stefan

What's Up Virtual Soles, I'm Stefan and This is my Introduction.

I've been a Fan of Video Game girls feet for quite some time and I was looking for those who share the same fandom. I met SoleKeeper and we became friends. Sometime later I started taking interest in his Blog and have been commenting here for the past Year now.

Recently,I wanted to be part of it, so I asked Sole If I could join. He was reluctant at first, but Just yesterday, He accepted my offer. I am into the XPS/XNA program and want to post some original work here.

Before he allowed me to join, Sole gave me a condition that I must follow. He expects me to not just post wholesale my DeviantArt gallery on this blog and I must write articles or copy to go with whatever I post.

I will abide by that. So I will only post If I have something cool or important to share.

So thanks Sole, for letting me be part of something great, something cool. I won't let you down.

Check out Stefan's DeviantArt Group, 3DFeet!

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