Monday, May 29, 2017

Confirmed Barefoot Customizations in Tekken 7 (Home Version)

Tekken 7 is OUT! Well, actually, it isn't officially... but some places, like Peru, have broken street date and not a lot of gamers are streaming Namco-Bandai's latest and greatest KOIFT game online and spoiling things for impatient Tekken fans the world over.

Well, we have to wait a few days more for the release of the PC version, but I think it'll be worth it. I did take a look at some non-spoilery vids, such as the one above. It shows off the currently-available customizations for most (Eliza not included) of the fighters in the game. I say 'currently' because it is quite obvious that many items which exist in the arcade version (and should by all rights be in the home game as well) as as yet missing. These include the swimsuits (including the all-important Tropical Bikini) for both females and males. I assume these items will be added post-launch by a patch, or offered as DLC content; the Season Pass after all mentions 'more additional costumes'.

That aside though, all is not lost. There ARE barefoot customizations for our lovely Tekken babes available in the game out of the box, although not for all of them. So who got left out of the bus and who will be barefootin' it on Tekken 7's launch week?

The Bad News first- Asuka Kazama, Nina Williams, Master Raven, Kazumi Mishima and Ling Xiaoyu (and Leo Kliesen if you still consider the character female) all have NO unique barefoot customization options as of yet. I'm really not sure why that is so- does the Tekken Team draw lotteries to see who can go barefoot or not in every Tekken game? Is there some sort of unwritten law? It can't be by age with Asuka and Ling being grouped with the other ladies... I really can't figure it out.

Anyway, the Good News: Lili Rochefort, Alisa Bosconovitch, Lucky Chloe, Josie Rizal and Katarina Alves each have one barefoot customization option.

Alisa has a barefooted skirt called the 'Peach Beach Skirt'.

Josie Rizal and Lucky Chloe both have P1 Bare Feet customization, allowing them to go shoeless in their default bottoms.

Sassy Katarina has a full-body customization called 'No Summer Dress', which refers to her Summer Dress oufit. Equipping No Summer Dress leaves Kat in just a fancy two-piece swimsuit and her sexy, lethal bare feet.

Finally, Lili has her uber-sexy 'High Class Bikini Skirt', a lower body customization which pretty much goes perfectly with any top. This pretty much shoots up her hotness waaay over Asuka (who is just a frumpy hag compared to her hahaha). Can you say upskirts every time she moves? LOL

So out of the box, about half of the female cast can go barefoot- half can't. That should be remedied by the addition of the Tropical Bikini costume, which we may have to wait for a bit. But thankfully, even this early I can easily say that at least Tekken 7 is miles away a much better game for footfans than Tekken Tag 2 was, and thanks to the sexier outfits, a notch above our longtime favorite, Tekken 6.

Man, I can't wait for June 2! Have you preordered your Tekken 7 yet?


  1. Leo has Karate bottoms which is barefoot.

    1. Yeah, that is true. So if you like Leo, that IS an option.