Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Juliet Starling on XPS (Lollipop Chainsaw)

Julie Starling: Teenage Zombie Killer and one gorgeous Barefoot Babe!

Most of my favorite barefoot babe game titles are fighting games, but every now and then a title from a different genre is able to squeeze in between the beat 'em ups. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's almost certain the babe featured in that title and the quality of feet are exceptional to awesome. For instance, Tomb Raider Underworld gave us the stunning adventurer Lara Croft in here hot wetsuit, while RPG classic Skyrim (Modded on PC) gave us the finest-looking in-game bare feet I've yet seen. And then of course there's this game- Lollipop Chainsaw!

Truly a guilty pleasure in every sense of the word, this fan service-heavy hack-and-slash zombie game was an over-the-top Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but with zombies) from the infamous Suda 51, he of Killer 7 fame that we can thank for the creation of another barefoot babe favorite, Kaede Smith. Lollipop's heroine, the perky Juliet Starling isn't barefoot by default, but among her unlockable costumes are sexy bikinis which allow her to go through her lengthy zombie-killing adventure barefoot.
  Zombie Punk Zed gets Juliet's double foot stomp in the face. Lucky!

 And what LOVELY feet she has! I have to say that Juliet's character model surely has exceptionally well-rendered, well-sculpted and modeled feet, with very life-like and realistic textures particularly for her soles (my favorite area, of course). I can almost imagine the skin of her soles was modeled or taken from a real person. That she has individual toes (unstead of the usual grouped digits when it comes to game models) is also something that sets her apart (heh) from the rest. This babe is truly a vision to see. Add a lovely, toned and trim physique, a bubbly personality (with quite exceptional voice performance from her VA) and some wondrous fighting skills, and you have real reason to be jealous of her somewhat handicapped boyfriend, Nick.
Whether she's dangerous or a damsel, Juliet is always looking beautiful.

 Anyways, suffice to say that Lollipop Chainsaw isn't new- and I've had Juliet's model for a LONG time... but it was only recently that I got to use it quite a bit more in XPS Posing Program- sadly most of my time was taken up by Tekken and DOA5 models- that I realized how awesome her character model is. Since then, she's become a bit of my favorite babe to do poses with! I mean, you can do tons of fun and sexy stuff with her- whether she's kicking zombie ass, or is a helpless unconscious damsel- she looks gorgeous. And again, those SOLES... darn, they're freakin' hypnotic. I find myself imagining how soft they must feel... when I press my face into them. Heheh. Ahem.
  Not having a body regardless, Nick is one lucky dude...

Anyways, check out the various pose art I've done with Juliet, both here and in their full-size on my DeviantArt page, VirtualSoles. I'm sure you'll agree that Juliet is made for sexy posing!

BTW, a little heads up- I have some nice stuff coming up soon in XPS that is quite special. Stay tuned. Heheh...

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