Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Makoto vs Sakura: Gis of War! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

This means WAR!

What IS it about the simple, basic Karate Gi? It's an intentionally bland, unadorned, unassuming and decidedly un-sexy uniform... however, the sight of a cute girl clad in it's loose folds can drive some men wild. Yes, it may be quite ironic that a garment that pretty much equalizes gender most usually enhances a babe's beauty, in our case by focusing our attention on the few parts of the body that it doesn't conceal- specifically, the feet of course. I can't say I understand fully the fascination with karate girls in gis (even if I myself have this preference on occasion), but in these times it's better to just appreciate the wonderful gorgeousness of martial lovelies in their most pure of attires.

Capcom's Streetfighter is certainly the one franchise that has made the simple karate uniform or gi famous and recognizable, even if it's due to a very male character, Ryu. But since then, female fighters have put on the gi and have gotten their own followings. In Streetfighter it certainly is fact that the one girl who symbolizes the true spirit of Karate and models the karate gi perfectly is Makoto Rindou. This fetching tomboy wears her father's passed-down uniform with true pride, patches and all. But now, a challenger has come to give this Karateka some competition. Sakura Kasugano is Ryu's no. 1 fan, but for some twist of design she instead wears her school uniform into battle instead of a gi like her idol. Well, this has finally been corrected, albeit unofficially, via the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod by Sloth86. Now Sakura can go into battle barefoot and gi-clad, and become a more fitting opponent against the champion of Rindoukan.

So here are several match vids from SSFIVAE PC, throwing our two gi-wearing girls into no-holds-barred combat: The Prize, the right to be called SSFIV's Karate Gi Girl No.1!

Well, whoever wins, as usual the true winners are us, the footfans, for having not one but two gorgeous grapplers who look gi-reat in their gis. So give both Makoto and Sakura congratulations and kisses on their tired toes and soles. Enjoy!


  1. Hey! I've noticed that Makoto's feet are slightly bigger than Sakuras.

  2. Who cares anyway,Big feet = More to love :D

  3. Four feet of barefoot martial arts hottie awesomeness. Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  4. Awesome post! I've always been a big fan of gi-clad martial arts babes. Especially if they have big, beautiful feet like Makoto, or cute petite feet like Sakura's.

  5. Great Post! :-D I mostly adore fully clad Karate Gi dressed Barefoot babes like Makoto (pretty much more than bikinis), and this fan designed outfit for Sakura by Sloth86 is now also a welcome addition. :-)