Thursday, September 15, 2011

Juri Barefoot Bikini Action! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC)

For such a bad girl, Juri looks so good in her bikini...

As promised, here's some hot and sexy fighting action with Juri Han fighting barefoot and bikini-clad in the latest hot mod from Sloth86. In this 3-part series of matches, the deadly diva takes on another formidable femme also dressed down to perfection, the lovely Chun-Li in just her bra-and-panties (care of yet another of Sloth's mods). So, which one of these babes will reign at the end, and which will end up taking a long, dreamless nap? Well, either babe will surely deserve a comforting massage and servicing of their powerful bare peds afterwards, so perhaps the real winners of this battle will be none other than us. Heheh... Anyways, check out the videos!

Juri in her bikini, with her pale, soft-looking skin and colored toenails has a definite exotic appeal.

Who's hotter? Chun or Juri? Perhaps that will be only be made clear once one of them is still, cold and lifeless...

Every time Juri fires her Foot Fireball, she spreads her legs. I wonder if the game devs ever intended for Juri to wear this kind of outfit? Heheh...

For those who want their Juri mostly dressed up and decked in rubber save for her sexy feet, here are some vids with the TKD Vixen battling it out wearing her new Wetsuits. Enjoy!

Lara Croft now was competition for hottest game barefoot game babe in a wetsuit...

Juri schools the Schoolgirl.

Two former S.I.N. femme fatales settle their differences.

I'll certainly be posting MORE Juri Bikini Action soon, so stay tuned. I can't get enough of this babe! Barefoot Bikini Bad Girls RULE!!!

DAMN this babe is hot. DAAAAAMN!


  1. Massive amount of hotness. Bikini Juri rocks!!

  2. Right you are, "Hot" doesn't even begin to describe this.

  3. Wetsuit is best. I'm very happy we got to see her fully barefoot.