Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bikini/Wetsuit Juri (Super Streetfighter Arcade Edition for PC)

The Taekwondo Vixen Returns and Bares it All!

Once again, Arch-Modder Sloth86 wows us with another hot and sexy custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC, this time for the SF superbabe who has, thus far, been a bit neglected as we've been giving all our attention to Chun-Li, Cammy and lately, Makoto. But now, finally, Taekwondo Terminatrix Juri Han can bare her all for us- well, all of her feet, at least... heheh.

Sloth86's new Bikini and Wetsuit Juri mod gives us the bitchy bombshell FULLY BAREFOOT, her seemingly ever-present instep guards/leggings now gone... which I know all of us here have been wishing for. The skin nicely comes complete with 10 variants. Four are bikinis with Juri wearing additional flip-flops and sunglasses... cute but not for me. Four more are wetsuits, which are actually cool with a nice spider insignia. Lastly are the two best of the bunch- with Juri in a bikini AND barefoot. No. 9 is the closest to the illustration above which inspired the mod (and the one I'll be using the most). No. 10 is... well, an extra-skimpy bikini that is almost NSFW but quite, quite awesome... heck, bikini may be too strong a word- I think string may be more appropriate. Heheh...

Anyway, I've installed the mod and I have to say- it's the best yet. Juri has that undeniably intoxicating bad girl appeal, and of course her moves and attacks are all given to sexy views. Plus she has something all the other girls don't... painted toenails, which I'm sure will make her THE barefoot babe of choice for a lot of footfans. In any case, she's so delectable, you can just imagine her laying her now-fully bare foot on your chest, just egging you to kiss or lick her toes. I think we'll all be happy to oblige. Heheh...

Anyway, videos to come very soon as I unlock the last two (and hottest) bikini skins, and introduce Barefoot Bikini Juri to the rest of the babes... can you say super-sexy catfights?

Now all we need is a sexy fully-barefoot Ibuki and a sexier Sakura skin! Please make it so, Sloth86!


  1. Digging that Wetsuit. Oh and nomatter what you think Sole. A Sexy Sakura skin would be her Barefoot in her original uniform. Skirt included!

  2. *Nosebleed.* Man these customizations just keep getting better and better. :-)

  3. Aw yeah! Fully barefoot Juri! Is barefoot ninja Ibuki next? personally, I think think Juri's feet would be prettier without the nail polish, but It really works for her overall design though, so, I'm really grateful for Sloth86's mod. It's very good. I cant wait to see what Sloth86 has up his sleeve in the future.

  4. This mod is like a dream come true for me! Finally after all this time we get a FULLY barefoot Juri mod. I honestly thought it would never happen, now all we need is a fully barefoot Ibuki mod and all will be right.

  5. It's great but how can I download this skin ?

  6. This and other mods from Sloth can be downloaded over at his Deviantart page: sloth85.deviantart.com