Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Supremacy MMA

I posted about this game some time ago, and recently Supremacy MMA arrived. It’s a strange bird of a grappler- not quite a straight MMA game since it adopts the regular life bar system more identified with mainstream fighting titles. This is odd since well, MMA allows for submissions which should, if correctly applied, end the fight instantly. In this case though, all it does is tick away a bit of the target’s life. The roster is a mix of both real-life and fictionary fighters, all presented in a very gritty, grimy illustrated art style that brings to mind a Guy Ritchie film or such.

Like Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez? Well, you’d better since they’re all you’re getting.

Sadly, that even seeps into the game’s presentation of the ladies- which the game seems to have just taped on for the sake of having an extra feature. Really, talk about being irrelevant to the general precedings- the two ‘Femme Fatales’ of the roster- real-life fighters Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez- are available only to fight each other and no one else. Apparently the idea of them getting manhandled by the males was just too much to bear. Well, that set back equality in fighting games back somewhat- what would Nina Williams, Chun-Li and Sonya Blade say? Meh.

I mean, with due recognition that the real Miss Herrig and Miss Gutierrez are attractive, physically-impressive ladies- their in-game models look almost as leathery and masculine as the male roster- it’s not particularly pleasing to watch, and I think doesn’t do the actual people justice- seeing as how the game has used the ladies in the game advertising, they could have made them a tad less veined and sinewy and made them slightly more eye-friendly. Hell, why not, when they’re just there to fight each other in basically exhibition matches? Well, you can of course try the girls’ Story Mode, but it will only last you one or two fights- Short Story Mode is more like it.

The game looks dirty and grimy by choice, but it could have given these ladies a notch more appeal…

Anyway, we have what we have- two ladies with detailed, if a bit mannish, character models, on offer. Both are, as MMA dictates, barefoot, with Felice Herrig having the more fetching attire, wearing what appears to be a cloth version of a gladiator’s skirt over her undies, while Michele G. is more conservative with shorts.
The gameplay is supposedly timing-based, so just mashing away at random buttons won’t do you any good. Still, it’s a struggle to do proper combos and blocking/countering seems a hit-and-miss affair, with movements seemingly delayed and unresponsive at times- on occasion though, you’ll bust out with a long string but have no idea how you did it.
Grappling is also hit and miss, and really, not much worth the effort since all it does is tick away damage like the regular combos. Still, maybe there will be some of you out there liking the idea of two ladies squirming away on the floor…

I do appreciate the detailed characters and smooth animations… the unresponsive controls, not so much.

That all, the girls’ soles are okay- detailed but again, like the whole game, a bit on the leathery side. Really, SSFIV’s Makoto (default look) is a supermodel compared to this game’s in-game models. Heheh. Anyways, I got the game so why not post some vids from it. Aside from the matches above, I was able to compile several saucy KO animations with Felice Herrig in a cool montage vid below- the KO’s are actually pretty good, with varied reactions to different hits ala VF5 Final Showdown (man, I want my VF5FS already…). This would be awesome if only the game didn’t insist on obscuring the view with a stupid white light filter every now and then.

Best thing about the game? The various KO animations. For some reason though, the game doesn’t want you to see them clearly at times. EH?

All in all, this isn’t a game I can recommend. If you like MMA games, you’re better off getting one from the more established brands for good gameplay. As for ladies- unless you really, really, really like the two girls in this game or have a preference for mannish character models, pass and just get your kicks with a hundred other beat ‘em ups with a hundred hotter barefoot babes.
Man, after this I don’t need a shower- I need a bath to wash off the smell of sweat… Geh.

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  1. Oh disappointed to hear that. I had high hopes for this game. :-( Hopefully if this survives a disappointing initial installment future incarnations of the game will have more to impress us. (Dare I dream a playable barefoot Gina Carano?) Anyway thanks for the clips, pictures and review of the game all the same Sole Keeper. ^_^